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Performance Swimwear


Swimming is a sport with mass appeal – from school kids taking their first tentative dive into the pool to the octogenarian keeping fit with his weekly lane swimming routine to the endurance swimmer training for hours in the pool or open water. Most performance swimmers focused on technique and beating the clock take a keen interest in the quality of what they wear in the water and the practical benefits of fibers and fabric construction.

Swimwear that incorporates the high-tech formulation of lastingFIT technology by LYCRA® brand maintains its appearance, its shape and its comfortable fit up to five times longer than other chlorine resistant spandex (elastane) fabrics. It is the new standard in swimwear, delivering beautiful, long-lasting fit. It stands up to the performance swim environment that causes fit loss and fiber breakage. Sunscreen, pool water, oxidation and heat can quickly degrade swimwear in less than one season.

Brands and retailers can be confident about consumer satisfaction with their products and their suppliers have continuing scope for innovation.

Fiber Technologies

Lasting FIT technology by LYCRA® brand

lastingFIT technology by LYCRA® brand

Swimwear with lastingFIT technology by LYCRA® brand provides long-lasting fit in chlorinated water environments: up to 10 times longer than fabrics made with unprotected elastane. Moreover, lastingFIT technology gives durable protection against the degradation that can result from sunscreen, pool water, heat and body oils.

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