50+ Years of Innovation with the LYCRA® Brand

New bio-based LYCRA® fiber is born
LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ campaign is launched in October.

New LIVING LIGHTS technology by LYCRA® brand limelight the legs
Forget about waistbands in tights when wearing FREEF!T® technology by LYCRA® brand.

Beauty goes to new highs with LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber in lace
INVISTA is making a play with denim made with TOUGH MAX™ technology by LYCRA® brand for the menswear market.

dualFX® technology by LYCRA® brand is patented and marketed under the LYCRA® brand, and introduced for denim fabrics to achieve the best of both worlds – super stretch and excellent recovery.
LYCRA® fiber with W technology enhances fabrics look and feel by maximizing its uniformity, colors, and hand. The secret is in, for a visible “out”.
Launch of hosiery with XCEPTIONELLE technology by LYCRA® brand, a garment innovation appealing to fashion conscious and stylish full figured women.

LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber standards are developed to respond to consumer needs for shape wear that fits while is comfortable to wear and move with.
LYCRA® brand sponsored China LYCRA® MY STYLE live show to support cutting-edge fashion designers.

FUSION™ technology by LYCRA® brand is a step-change innovation derived from a bi-component spandex (elastane) technology is launched in hosiery to prevent ladders to occur.
Practicing sports with the right sporting wear gear is now possible after the new LYCRA® SPORT fiber standards
The first edition of LYCRA® FUTURE DESIGNERS invites young talents to showcase their skills
LYCRA® fiber MOVES first global and dedicated to legwear forum is born.

INVISTA launches the LYCRA® brand global campaign “Some Clothes Love You Back”.
For its 5th season as a sponsor of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the LYCRA® fiber brand places intimate apparel at center stage with the LYCRA® Brand Bra-sserie and the Foundation of Fashion exhibit.

LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber affords advanced technology for knitwear that improves shape
FREEF!T® technology by LYCRA® brand reengineers the shirting market, improving flexibility while maintaining shape

The LYCRA® fiber brand sets the new standard in denim with patented XFIT LYCRA® fabric, a revolutionary 360 degree, multidimensional stretch technology that delivers the ultimate fit and comfort

LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber delivers the new fit promise for swimwear with advanced technology that helps swimsuits resist bagging and sagging.

Black technology by LYCRA® brand makes its mark with unparalleled deep dark colors for the denim, intimate apparel and legwear markets

The Oscars of the fashion industry are transformed into the ultra-glamorous LYCRA® British Style Awards
LYCRA® fiber finds its way into the home segment with the launch of sheets with LYCRA® fiber. Sleeping has never been so stylish.
The LYCRA® fiber brand expands beyond apparel with licensing partner Coty, Inc., introducing Rimmel LYCRA® Wear and LYCRA® FLEX by ASTOR, a shock-resistant nailpolish with LYCRA® in liquid form.
Body Care technology by LYCRA® brand launches a new concept in fabric technology, offering skincare benefits through microencapsulated treatments embedded in the fabric

The “HAS IT” campaign was launched with the theme “you either have it, or you don’t” paying tribute to garments enhanced with LYCRA® fiber and the brand consumer following.

LYCRA® brand stretches beyond… T400® technology by LYCRA® brand is so revolutionary that US Federal Trade Commission grants a new generic: elasterell-p (in Europe called elastomultiester) branded as LYCRA® fiber.
LYCRA® brand shapes the catwalk style in new partnerships with designers Julien Macdonald, Mathew Williamson, Hussein Chalayan, and Zac Posen.
LYCRA® brand is a proud sponsors of Fashion Target Breast Cancer

The newest fashion trends get an extra shot of style and comfort with and Leather with LYCRA® patented technology.
The LYCRA® In Style Fashion Awards debuts in China and make their mark in the fashion world

The CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) announces LYCRA® fiber as one of the top apparel innovations of the 20th century

The “LYCRA® Enjoy the Difference” global campaign reaches more women than ever and, for the first time, men and teens.

Sweaters seeking style find it with LYCRA® fiber: comfort, drape and shape retention all add up to knits with a knack for fashion.
Women get a leg up on health and beauty with LYCRA® Leg Care – sheer, soft graduated compression pantyhose that revitalize legs with every step.

Real men love the freedom LYCRA® fiber adds to suits and sportswear.
If the shoes fit, it’s probably due to LYCRA® fiber, the perfect ingredient for shoes that feels as good as they look

Let the games begin! LYCRA® Power compression shorts are up and running, helping to reduce athlete’s muscle fatigue and improving performance.
Wool plus LYCRA® fiber debuts in suits and tailored clothing whose comfort and fit are definitely not sheepish.

“Nothing Moves Like LYCRA®” campaign directed by fashion great Richard Avedon features the designs from Versace, Donna Karan, and Karl Lagerfeld and launches the iconic LYCRA® Brand wave logo.

LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT fiber adds comfort and soft control to intimate apparel and really shapes things up.

The LYCRA® brand reaches new heights with the launch of “LYCRA® Sensations”, the first ever consumer press and TV campaign for a man-made fiber.

LYCRA® fiber becomes standard equipment for athletes from bikers to basketball’s Michael Jordan and tennis champ Andre Agassi. A new street look is born.

For the first time ever LYCRA® fiber is used in non-support hosiery and in substitution of hosiery made of 100% polyamide.
It’s sheer brilliance when LYCRA® fiber is added to sheer pantyhose. No more bagging or sagging.

The LYCRA® fiber brand begins to set the standard for designer sponsorships through early alliances with Giorgio di Sant’Angelo, Norma Kamali and Betsey Johnson
All dress-up. LYCRA® brand brings excitement to the ready-to-wear segment to go day and night, work to play.

After the huge success of stretch corduroy with LYCRA® fiber for trousers then came the new jeans…with the first elasticized denims made with LYCRA® fiber bringing more comfort, and revolution to slim jeans.

Different types of plain control top hosiery entered the international market.

LYCRA® fiber transforms swimwear from wet and droopy to sleek and sensational

LYCRA® fiber gives real lift to support hosiery for the first time

LYCRA® fiber makes intimate apparel lightweight, smooth and sexy

LYCRA® fiber replaces rubber in corsets for a more natural, comfortable look

“Fiber K” is invented by Joseph Shivers and soon trademarked as the LYCRA® Brand, and freedom begins.