Local knowledge

Sourcing and selling insights

There are few geographic boundaries in today’s apparel industry. Sourcing and selling on a truly global scale increases the challenges and opportunities at every step on the route to market. Would-be trade suppliers must understand consumer trends and expectations in target markets. And would-be sellers need to know how to meet, or preferably exceed them.

Examples of LYCRA® fiber's global coverage and local knowledge

We’ve been accumulating local knowledge since the early days of globalization. Our regional presence extended progressively in every direction from Western Europe and North and South America to emerging, sourcing and selling regions such as Japan, South East Asia, China and the Indian subcontinent.

We’re on the spot to advise ambitious mill customers on international business growth opportunities, technical standards, quality expectations and market trends. Local knowledge is equally valuable for brands moving into new territory. If you want to know the latest about US denim preferences, the outlook for socks in Turkey, or how to protect intellectual property in China, ask us. Our market research and local knowledge could prove useful.

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