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We’re one of the leading developers of man-made apparel fibers. The scientists, chemists and engineers in our global R&D organization have over 1,500 years of collective experience in fiber and fabric development and processing. Our industry-leading portfolio includes over 1,400 registered patents.

Scientist in the Applied Research Center - Newark, Delaware, USA – LYCRA® fiber

We have long-standing relationships with many of the world’s most innovative fabric mills. We’ve helped them turn generations of smart science into commercial opportunity. Our technical specialists work closely with theirs to ensure they get the full benefit from our innovation and the 200+ variants of LYCRA® fiber in our portfolio today.

Segment game-changers include the unique LYCRA® SPORT technology Metric Indexing system that offers new flexibility and precision in customizing sports apparel, the extra stretch comfort and fit benefits of LYCRA® dualFX® technology in denim, the LYCRA® Bra Fabric Finder™ that helps designers meet demand for ‘bra casualization’, the run-resistant qualities of LYCRA® FUSION™ technology in hosiery, and the ecological benefits of LYCRA® T400® fiber with EcoMade technology.

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