Sixty years of innovation – and more to come

Celebrating 60 years of fiber innovation.

The LYCRA® BRA FABRIC FINDER™ is developed in response to the casualization of the bra market.

LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology creates shapewear with outstanding shaping and moisture management.
LYCRA® SUPER SUMMER SHEER technology for ‘better than bare’ hosiery and exceptional durability.
LYCRA® LIFESTYLE COMPRESSION technology provides graduated compression with run-resistant sheerness for energized legs.


LYCRA® HYBRID technology combines the look of a woven with the comfort of a knit.


LYCRA® LIVING LIGHTS technology for more natural skin tones and deeper fashion colors in hosiery.
No more waistband discomfort in hosiery/tights made with LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology.

LYCRA® dualFX® technology provides super stretch and shape retention to denim fabrics.
LYCRA® XCEPTIONELLE technology adds comfort and style to hosiery for full-figured women.


LYCRA® BEAUTY technology creates shapewear with the right mix of shaping performance and comfort.

LYCRA® FUSION™ technology prevents runs/ladders in hosiery.
LYCRA® SPORT technology provides optimal compression and enhanced comfort for activewear.


LYCRA® XFIT technology introduces multi-dimensional 360° stretch to denim.

LYCRA® lastingFIT technology protects against external agents that damage swimwear.


LYCRA® BLACK technology offers unparalleled deep, dark colors.


LYCRA® fiber listed one of the top apparel innovations of the 20th century by the CFDA.
LYCRA® EASY SET technology reduces heat-setting temperature to maximize energy savings.


LYCRA® LEG CARE technology energizes tired legs with its soft, graduated compression.

LYCRA® POWER technology optimizes athletic performance.
LYCRA® SOFT COMFORT technology adds soft control to intimate apparel.


LYCRA® 3D technology gives tights an exceptional three-dimensional fit and a sensuous, soft touch.


LYCRA® fiber is introduced in socks to improve fit, stay-up power and shape retention.

“LYCRA® Sensations”, the first-ever consumer ad campaign for a man-made fiber launches.


LYCRA® SATIN SHEERS technology gives hosiery a smooth, sheer appearance, a satiny sheen and a lasting fit for the first time.

LYCRA® fiber is used in non-support, sheer hosiery for the very first time.


The first stretch jeans made with LYCRA® fiber are introduced.


LYCRA® fiber transforms swimwear from wet and droopy to sleek and body-hugging.

When Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon, LYCRA® fiber helped make it possible.


LYCRA® fiber makes its winter games debut and wins gold.


LYCRA® fiber adds enhanced comfort and fit to hosiery for the first time.

LYCRA® fiber replaces rubber in corsets for a more flexible, comfortable fit.


“Fiber K,” soon trademarked LYCRA® fiber, is invented to create softer, lighter and sheerer foundation wear.


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