How LYCRA® moves your business

The October 2014 launch of LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ – a new advertising and promotional campaign – is the outcome of an extensive research program involving over 1,200 consumers in eight high-value retail markets.

The LYCRA® Masterbrand has a unique position and status in the apparel sector. The new campaign redefines the Freedom, Comfort and Movement benefits they associate with it in a wide range of garments.

The consumer brand proposition has been simplified. The functional and emotional benefits that LYCRA® fibers bring are clustered and sub-branded in four categories pin-pointed by the research as significant business development opportunities.

  • LYCRA® BEAUTY aligns with demand for garments that flatter by gentle control and shaping
  • LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ connects with contemporary health and wellbeing trends.
  • LYCRA® SPORT targets enhanced personal performance
  • LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ offers superior resilience and long-life

Each category is a potentially important revenue generator. Each offers brands and retailers consumer-relevant innovation possibilities supported by LYCRA® fiber technology platforms that enable suppliers to add value through development of high performance yarns and fabrics.