The LYCRA® brand

The LYCRA® ingredient brand is unique. Over 90%+ of target consumers* around the world are aware of it and recognize the value it brings to clothes. It complements leading apparel brands, adding to their franchises in ways that endorse the quality and performance of garments and support premium pricing. It is widely recognized by yarn spinners, mills, apparel brand owners and others in the supply chain as an endorsement of innovation and quality. It adds value to premium fabrics in every garment sector.

The brand’s first consumer campaign – LYCRA® Sensations – appeared in print media and on TV the early 1990s. Linked to custom hangtags in store, it began an engagement process that has grown in strength ever since. The iconic triangle has been widely used by downstream brand owners to link to LYCRA® brand initiatives.

The new consumer campaign - LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ - went live October 6th 2014. For the first time, the LYCRA® brand and fiber are visible to consumers physically, emotionally and creatively. The theme reinforces the emotional link millions of consumers have developed with the brand and its association with comfort and personal freedom across a wide range of garments. This campaign is the perfect message platform to communicate to consumers that LYCRA® is a brand of a fiber and THE magic component that gives wearers fit, comfort and the freedom to move.

The LYCRA Company works closely with business partners across the industry to leverage the power of the LYCRA® brand to differentiate products and signal fiber and fabric innovation. The brand’s universal presence coupled with The LYCRA Company’s deep knowledge of markets in every region can be of particular value to expand your business.

*Source: Global LYCRA® Brand tracking research 2012© Strategic Insights