Shopping for jeans? Today there are so many potential options, it can be difficult for consumers to find what they want. With different fabrics, different washes, and different fits by different brands – it’s not surprising that finding the perfect pair can be a tough road to navigate. In a recent study conducted by 2CV for The LYCRA Company, out of more than 2500 women across five countries, 43% indicated they tend to “settle” for a pair that doesn’t meet their expectations. Another 42% said they leave the store without buying anything, and 15% said they purchase a different garment in lieu of jeans, usually leggings. A female respondent from the The LYCRA Company research summed it up as follows:

“The jeans on the walls around the store are like a sea of denim. There’s so much to choose from it can be overwhelming.”
Female, U.S.

So how can brands differentiate in such an environment? By combining effective storytelling with products that provide consumer relevant benefits, brands can break through the clutter. The LYCRA Company can assist with technologies that help consumers solve their most pressing denim dilemmas and relevant proof points to back them up. Whether you’re in the market for men’s or women’s jeans, our LYCRA® dualFX® technology allows consumers to have high stretch jeans that really do keep their shape, negating the bag and sag traditionally associated with such fabrics. LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics provide a wider window of fit for comfortable shaping performance. LYCRA® XFIT technology provides moderate stretch in all directions so wearers can experience 360° comfort. Fabrics with LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology bring durable performance and comfort in wear to the rugged end of the denim marketplace. And jeans with LYCRA® lastingFIT technology provide comfort stretch with shape retention that never quits.

Fiber Technologies

LYCRA® T400® technology logo

LYCRA® T400® technology

  • Bi-component fiber for comfort stretch fabrics
  • Low fabric growth and shrinkage for long lasting shape retention
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, including chlorine bleach
  • Also available with LYCRA® T400® EcoMade technology, made in part from renewable and post-consumer recycled materials, for enhanced sustainability and consumer appeal.
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Knit Fabric Technologies

LYCRA® HYBRID technology logo

LYCRA® HYBRID technology

Denim fabrics with LYCRA® HYBRID technology are made using The LYCRA Company patent pending constructions that combine the look of woven denim with the comfortable fit and freedom of a knit. Fabrics can be engineered for use in a range of different garment types to serve as shaping jeans, athleisurewear, or everyday jeans.

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Woven Fabric Technologies

LYCRA® dualFX® technology logo

LYCRA® dualFX® technology

LYCRA® dualFX® technology brand was developed in response to market demand for high-stretch denim fabrics that keep their shape. It is based on several patented technologies from The LYCRA Company related to dual core yarns and bi-component yarns.

Typically, as fabric stretch increases so does the tendency for fabric growth or shrinkage. By combining LYCRA® fiber and LYCRA® T400® fiber together in one fabric, you get the best of both worlds — the high stretch of LYCRA® fiber and the excellent recovery power of LYCRA® T400® fiber. So consumers can have super stretch jeans that fit all day, every day.

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LYCRA® lastingFIT technology logo

LYCRA® lastingFIT technology

Jeans with LYCRA® lastingFIT technology provide long lasting comfort stretch, making them an excellent option for menswear. With LYCRA® T400® fiber in the weft, these fabrics keep their shape wash after wash and wear after wear. And, the ability to withstand heavy bleaching, sets them apart from other stretch alternatives.

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LYCRA® SHAPING technology logo

LYCRA® SHAPING technology

Denim fabrics with LYCRA® SHAPING technology feature a high-level of stretch and recovery with low normalized hysteresis. They are tested against quality standards that are based on scientifically determined metrics that characterize both shaping performance and comfort. Denims with LYCRA® SHAPING technology help to smooth a woman’s curves and enhance her figure, and they qualify for the LYCRA® BEAUTY brand.

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LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology logo

LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology

The strength and durability of jeans with LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology comes from the use of LYCRA® T400® fiber in the weft. Up to two times as strong and abrasion resistant as comparable 100% cotton jeans, denim with LYCRA® TOUGH MAX™ technology is the fabric of choice for hard work or play.

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LYCRA® XFIT technology logo

LYCRA® XFIT technology

Imagine jeans that move like you move, providing a comfortable, custom like fit. Jeans with patented LYCRA® XFIT technology do just that that because they stretch in all directions, providing 360 degree comfort.  And because they’re made with LYCRA® T400® fiber, they can withstand severe bleaching treatments, allowing for a variety of denim aesthetics.

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Standard Fibers

LYCRA® T162B Fiber

LYCRA® T162C Fiber

LYCRA® T166L Fiber

LYCRA® T400® Fiber