Over the last two decades, consumer appreciation for the comfort and freedom of movement benefits of LYCRA® fiber has grown significantly in the ready-to-wear segment. Emotional associations with the LYCRA® brand flow readily in this direction.

As consumer wardrobes evolve, there is growing cross‑over between the traditional sub-segments of active garments and fashion casuals. In other words, versatility sells like never before. LYCRA® fibers and technologies help provide the fit, comfort, shape retention, and durability that differentiate a whole new generation of products. And, when incorporated with other INVISTA offerings such as COOLMAX® or THERMOLITE® fabrics, garments can deliver multiple benefits, integrating excellent fit and shape with cool comfort or lightweight warmth.

Fiber Technologies

LYCRA® BLACK technology logo

LYCRA® BLACK technology

  • Eliminates elastane grin-though
  • Improved colorfastness in dark shades
  • Excellent fabric uniformity
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LYCRA® BIO BASED technology logo

LYCRA® BIO-BASED technology

  • Good balance of physical properties
  • Suitable for use with staple or filament yarns
  • Optimized luster for minimizing elastane glitter and grin-through
  • High recovery power for good fabric weight control
  • Robust processing from knitting to heat-setting to dyeing
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LYCRA® EASY SET technology logo

LYCRA® EASY SET technology

  • Excellent heat-setting efficiency: reduces heat-setting temperature to maximize energy savings (by 15 – 20%), or increases tenter frame speed to maximize throughput
  • Preserves the soft hand of natural fibers
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LYCRA® T400® technology logo

LYCRA® T400® technology

  • Bi-component fiber for comfort stretch
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals, including chlorine bleach
  • Low growth and shrinkage so fabrics keep their shape
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Knit Fabric Technologies

Standard Fibers

LYCRA® T136B Fiber

LYCRA® T162B Fiber

LYCRA® T162C Fiber

LYCRA® T162L Fiber

LYCRA® T162R Fiber

LYCRA® T166L Fiber

LYCRA® T167M Fiber

LYCRA® T239B Fiber

LYCRA® T267B fiber

LYCRA® T275Z Fiber

LYCRA® T400® Fiber

LYCRA® T562B Fiber