LYCRA® fiber for Lingerie

The consumer benefits of LYCRA® fiber are most evident in close to the body applications. It has brought new levels of fit, comfort and freedom of movement to a wide range of lingerie and bodywear products.

Fabrics can be finer and more delicate. Bras and panties retain their flattering fit. Brighter whites, deeper blacks and richer colours keep their fresh, first day appearance through repeated wash and wear cycles. Built-in moisture management capabilities ensure all-day wearer comfort.

LYCRA® technology platforms feed the imagination and creativity of leading fabric mills and garment manufacturers. Subtle combinations of styling innovation and practical value help them maintain a competitive edge in sector where choice is strongly influenced by personal experience and satisfaction.

Fiber Technologies

LYCRA® BLACK technology logo

LYCRA® BLACK technology

  • Virtual elimination of unwanted elastane grin-through
  • Improved colorfastness in dark shades
  • Excellent uniformity
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LYCRA® EASY SET technology logo

LYCRA® EASY SET technology

  • Excellent heat-setting efficiency: reduces heat-setting temperature to maximize energy savings (by 15 – 20%), or increases tenter frame speed to maximize throughput
  • Excellent molding characteristics for bras
  • Preserves the soft hand of natural fibers
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LYCRA® W technology logo

LYCRA® W technology

  • Excellent initial whiteness and whiteness retention
  • High uniformity in critical fabric construction
  • Reduces grin-through
  • Rich coloration
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Knit Fabric Technologies

LYCRA® XTRA FINE technology logo

LYCRA® XTRA FINE technology

Fine decitex LYCRA® fibers for lightweight lingerie fabrics that provide exquisite “barely there” comfort.

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Standard Fibers

LYCRA® T136B Fiber

LYCRA® T136C Fiber

LYCRA® T137C Fiber

LYCRA® T162B Fiber

LYCRA® T162C Fiber

LYCRA® T162L Fiber

LYCRA® T162R Fiber

LYCRA® T169B Fiber

LYCRA® T239B Fiber

LYCRA® T275Z Fiber

LYCRA® T279W Fiber

LYCRA® T562B Fiber

LYCRA® T862W Fiber

LYCRA® T902C Fiber