Shapewear is closely associated with self-image. Every woman, regardless of age and body type, is conscious of both the emotional and practical benefits of smoothing, sculpting, garments. LYCRA® fibers enhance the look-good, feel-good factor.

To give women what they most desire, a smoothing sculpting effect that offers comfort, style and self-confidence, we now offer a new generation of fabrics with LYCRA® SHAPING technology. The science behind the use of LYCRA® fiber in shapewear is complex: New technology enables the precise measurement of the ingredient fibers' performance characteristics needed to optimise shaping action and comfort in specialist fabrics.

LYCRA® SHAPING technology is the ideal combination of shaping action and maximum comfort for the perfect figure.

Fiber Technologies

LYCRA® BLACK technology logo

LYCRA® BLACK technology

  • Virtual elimination of unwanted elastane grin-though
  • Improved colorfastness in dark shades
  • Excellent uniformity
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LYCRA® W technology logo

LYCRA® W technology

  • Excellent initial whiteness and whiteness retention
  • High uniformity in critical fabric construction
  • Reduces grin-through
  • Rich coloration
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Knit Fabric Technologies

LYCRA® COOLING technology logo

LYCRA® COOLING technology

Shapewear fabrics with LYCRA® COOLING technology meet scientifically determined metrics for shaping performance and cool comfort. They are made with LYCRA® fiber and X6300 nylon from The LYCRA Company, which has a four-channel cross-section designed to wick moisture away from the body and disperse it for more efficient evaporation.

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LYCRA® SHAPING technology logo

LYCRA® SHAPING technology

Based on scientifically determined metrics, LYCRA® SHAPING technology provides four categories to expand the range of options available in terms of fabric weight and shaping performance.

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LYCRA® SPORT technology logo

LYCRA® SPORT technology

Activewear that provides figure-flattering shaping while meeting the performance needs of athletes and active people. These fabrics meet the quality standards for LYCRA® SPORT technology as well as additional standards for elongation, recovery power and normalized hysteresis. They can receive either the LYCRA® SPORT or LYCRA® BEAUTY brand.

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Standard Fibers

LYCRA® T136B Fiber

LYCRA® T136C Fiber

LYCRA® T137C Fiber

LYCRA® T162B Fiber

LYCRA® T162C Fiber

LYCRA® T162L Fiber

LYCRA® T162R Fiber

LYCRA® T169B Fiber

LYCRA® T275Z Fiber

LYCRA® T279W Fiber

LYCRA® T582L Fiber

LYCRA® T862W Fiber

LYCRA® T902C Fiber