Everyday underwear is the unsung hero of consumer wardrobes. It is a huge, global garment category, but one of the most challenging in which to differentiate products and ensure purchase satisfaction.

Although style is important, consumer judgements are primarily based on practical criteria. The key is durability. Frequent wear and wash cycles can cause rapid deterioration in garment comfort and fit as well as progressive discoloration. Garments made from fabrics with LYCRA® fiber maintain their original shape and superior fit longer than those with ordinary spandex (elastane). Innovations in color technology offer long-lasting brighter whites, more intense blacks and richer colors in between.

Mills can learn more about how to create consumer value and compete more effectively in this category through the LYCRA® fiber fabric certification program for cotton underwear.

Fiber Technologies

LYCRA® EASY SET technology logo

LYCRA® EASY SET technology

  • Excellent heat-setting efficiency: reduces heat-setting temperature to maximize energy savings (by 15 – 20%), or increases tenter frame speed to maximize throughput
  • Preserves the soft hand of natural fibers
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Knit Fabric Technologies

LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology logo

LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology

For men’s and women’s underwear, circular-knit fabrics with LYCRA® FREEF!T® technology provide the right properties for lightweight, superb-fitting, ultra-comfortable underwear made from natural fibers, as well as fully synthetic blends such as polyester and nylon. Fabrics typically contain 3 to 12% of low-dtex LYCRA® fiber. The LYCRA Company has developed a special quality standard and test method to ensure that fabrics, particularly cotton underwear, have just the right amount stretch and recovery.

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Standard Fibers

LYCRA® T136B Fiber

LYCRA® T137C Fiber

LYCRA® T162B Fiber

LYCRA® T162L Fiber

LYCRA® T162R Fiber

LYCRA® T239B Fiber

LYCRA® T562B Fiber

LYCRA® T902C Fiber