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The added stretch, shape and comfort of LYCRA® brand fibers transformed swimwear fabrics and fashions in the 1960s and have set the standard for quality products ever since – from flattering shapewear for the beach to the ultra-close fit and freedom of movement favoured by competition swimmers.

Fabrics with LYCRA® lastingFIT technology also help great fashion swimwear stand out at the poolside or on the beach. They are available in a wide range of deniers that offer exceptional design and styling flexibility. Variants that enhance darker, richer colours and create intense blacks are particularly popular with leading stylists. Fashion swimwear is the most common choice for over half (55%) of women, according to a research run by ICM in 5 countries in 2014*. Nearly all use their swimsuit for general recreational use in the water and sunbathing and they all want the same – their swimsuits to last longer. Typically, 48% of women say they expect to use their swimsuits for two full seasons. LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber is known for long lasting quality that can help achieve that and improve customer satisfaction.

The invisible ingredient that changed the course of swimwear is still working its magic.

*Source: ICM Research interviewed a random sample of 5,543 women of ages 16-65 years across 6 countries; Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, UK and the USA.  The online project was conducted between the 14th-19th February 2014.  Data sets were unweighted.  ICM is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules.  Further information at

Think you know LYCRA® fiber?

Fiber Technologies

LYCRA® BLACK technology logo

LYCRA® BLACK technology

Based on LYCRA® T275Z fiber

  • Spun-in true-black color
  • Durable chlorine resistance
  • Excellent uniformity
  • Virtual elimination of unwanted elastane grin-through
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LYCRA® lastingFIT technology logo

LYCRA® lastingFIT technology

Based on LYCRA® T275B, T276B and T275Z fibers
Swimwear with LYCRA® lastingFIT technology provides long-lasting fit in chlorinated water environments: up to 10 times longer than fabrics made with unprotected elastane. LYCRA® lastingFIT technology also gives durable protection against the degradation that can result from sunscreen, pool water, heat and body oils.

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Knit Fabric Technologies

LYCRA® SHAPING technology logo

LYCRA® SHAPING technology

LYCRA® SHAPING technology enables the creation of shaping swimwear with firm or extra firm shaping performance.

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Standard Fibers

LYCRA® T162B Fiber

LYCRA® T169B Fiber