LYCRA® brand certification fast tracks sales

Certify your fabrics

You can offer customers more than superior products when you specify LYCRA® fiber. You can certify your fabrics so that finished garments benefit from unique differentiation options at point of sale. The more garments they sell, the more fabric you sell.

For shoppers of all ages, the complimentary LYCRA® brand hangtags used by leading garment brands and retailers in markets around the world are an immediate, unmistakable assurance of superior comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

We provide generic LYCRA® brand hangtags in different sizes as well as sub-brand variants that highlight the specialist benefits of LYCRA® BEAUTY, LYCRA® ENERGIZE™, LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ and LYCRA® SPORT fibers in appropriate garment categories.

The first step in adding the power of the LYCRA® brand to your sales drive is to submit fabric samples to our test laboratory in your region. Our specialists will verify the LYCRA® technology content, issue a Notice of Approval, and assign a Fast Track Fabric Code (i.e. FTC1234567) which enables your customers to order hangtags quickly and easily wherever they are located.

The LYCRA® brand certification process is straightforward and free. You and your fabrics benefit from the product endorsement certification brings, and your customers benefit from rapid, priority access to our hangtags using Fast Track Codes.

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