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The eye-catching styling that stops them in the aisle is yours – but we can help with what comes next. When shoppers stop to take a closer look, our hangtags offer more good reasons to buy.

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For shoppers of all ages, the complimentary LYCRA® brand hangtags used by leading garment brands and retailers in markets around the world are an immediate, unmistakable assurance of superior comfort, fit and freedom of movement.

We provide generic LYCRA® brand hangtags in different sizes as well as sub-brand variants that highlight the specialist benefits of LYCRA® BEAUTY, LYCRA® ENERGIZE™, LYCRA® SPORT and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibers in appropriate garment categories.

Or we can work with you to create custom hangtags that support your brand or specific promotional campaigns.

And the options don’t stop in-store. Our virtual hangtags target shoppers who browse and buy through on-line catalogues and e-commerce sites. A single click explains the benefits LYCRA® fibers bring to your products – good reasons to add to their check-out basket.

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