LYCRA® brand hangtags

Since October, 1st 2014 INVISTA has launched new LYCRA® brand hangtags that are set to move your business.

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The new hangtag imagery has been designed with more vibrant and versatile colors to convey that LYCRA® is a fiber that moves people to express their freedom, their confidence, and their personality. The framework chosen was to make the INVISIBLE VISIBLE. In other words, to make LYCRA® as a brand and as a fiber VISIBLE. What the LYCRA® brand difference is.

The copy on the back of the hangtag has also developed to articulate that LYCRA® is a fiber, its performance attributes and its emotional reward. e.g.: This garment contains LYCRA® fiber. It gives you comfort and freedom of movement to live your life to the fullest. LYCRA® MOVES YOU™. 

In addition to this conceptual change, a new visual has also been created to help consumers identify the LYCRA® brand on a garment.

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