When it comes to their denim, consumers want it all! Wherever you are in the apparel value chain, you’re making a smart choice when you adopt LYCRA® dualFX® technology to deliver the advanced technological benefits consumers desire, as well as the lasting performance they expect from LYCRA® brand.

Inside Dual Core Technology

LYCRA® dualFX® technology starts by combining LYCRA® and LYCRA® T400® fibers together to deliver super stretch and super shape retention. These fibers are covered with cotton or other fibers to achieve an authentic denim look and feel, while offering the wearer all-day comfort and a flexible fit that lasts. 

Mill Benefits

  • Wider operating window (easier to make good quality fabrics)
  • No heat-setting or only mild heat-setting required (reduced processing steps)
  • Easier to meet brands’ quality requirements for stretch, shrinkage and growth
  • Innovation backed by outstanding technical support

Brand and Retailer Benefits

  • Delivers lasting performance benefits consumers desire
  • Reduces consumer complaints and returns to store (re: shrinking, stretch-out, etc.)
  • Achieves higher product satisfaction which increases consumer loyalty
  • Eligible for free LYCRA® brand hangtags or virtual hangtags to improve sell-through
  • Stretches the designer’s imagination:
    • Suitable for everything from lightweight jeggings to traditional denim weights
    • Even extreme distressed looks with heavy abrasion will not affect product’s stretch and recovery performance

Consumer Benefits

  • Super stretch and shape retention for extra flexibility, all-day comfort and lasting fit. A fit that moves with you even in form-fitting jeans
  • Enjoy the extra comfort of high stretch fabrics without sacrificing the look and feel of traditional denim
  • Resists bag and sag
  • Lasting performance wear after wear and wash after wash

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