Support for Apparel Brands and Retailers

We provide our business partners with a range of support services to help derive maximum value from LYCRA® fiber products and the consumer appeal of the LYCRA® brand.

We help brands and retailers to highlight the consumer benefits of LYCRA® fiber technologies and use the endorsing strength of the LYCRA® brand to add to the appeal of garments in virtually every category. View some examples below.

We have a shared interest in gaining consumer attention. Their appreciation of the benefits of LYCRA® fibers can add extra power to even the strongest garment and retail brands.

    • We advise designers on industry-wide fiber and fabric developments and help to identify high quality sourcing options to move faster than competition in tightly-fought market spaces.

    • We know how to communicate the benefits of LYCRA® fiber most effectively at retail. Eye-catching custom hangtags or hangtags themed to our own consumer brand advertising campaigns call attention to them and we train sales staff to communicate them quickly and efficiently.

    • We are an enthusiastic partner in many forms of joint marketing activity from in-store promotions and print and digital advertising to fashion and media events. We have the reach and resources to support your global brand development ambitions.

Our aim is to respond as precisely as possible to your business needs. Start a conversation with your LYCRA® brand representative to learn more about how we can help.