Support for Mills

We provide our business partners with a range of support services to help derive maximum value from LYCRA® fiber products and the consumer appeal of the LYCRA® brand.

We work with leading yarn spinners, mills and garment cutters to optimise processes, yields and quality and to differentiate and promote their products in global markets.

    • Our technical experts can advise on fiber trends and developments and work directly with you to incorporate new technologies, optimise the speed and efficiency of manufacturing processes, minimise material wastage and downtime, and maintain high quality standards.

    • Our marketing staffs can provide you with a global perspective on apparel trends and sales opportunities as well as advice on how to identify the benefits of LYCRA® fibers in ways that strengthen and differentiate your product portfolio.

    • Our worldwide experience in presenting fibers and fabrics at trade events is at your disposal. 

Our aim is to respond as precisely as possible to your business needs. Start a conversation with your LYCRA® brand representative to learn more about how we can help.