Trademark Licensing Agreements

The LYCRA Company has invested in the global development of the LYCRA® consumer brand franchise for over three decades. For millions of shoppers around the world, it is a unique assurance of comfort, fit and freedom of movement across a wide range of garment categories.

Our trademarks are protected by law. We welcome their use by direct and indirect business partners to add value to yarns, fabrics and finished products, but you will appreciate that it is in everyone’s interests to control the process.

Subject to product certification, standard LYCRA® hangtags and stickers can be ordered directly at Click here to access the site.

A specific Trademark License Agreement (TMLA) is required for all other use of our trademarks and brands in the marketing and promotion of your products. This can only be issued by The LYCRA Company and in most cases, is non-exclusive and non-royalty bearing.

You can request a TMLA to suit your needs at

For further information please contact us or your regional marketing representative.