LYCRA® T239B Fiber

LYCRA® T239B fiber has been developed especially for direct knitting into circular knits for ready-to-wear, basic underwear, and standard intimate apparel. This cost-effective, polyether-based elastane features high tenacity for excellent break performance at high knitting speed and yarn tension. It also has a bright luster for minimizing fabric glitter.

LYCRA® T239B fiber features excellent heat-setting efficiency. It offers producers the option of reducing heat-setting temperature by 5 – 7°C or increasing the stenter speed. The result is a better hand for fabrics made from cellulosics. Polyamide fabrics with LYCRA® T239B exhibit good uniformity in knitting and dyeing and finishing.

LYCRA® T239B fiber is ideal for ready to wear fabrics with cotton or viscose rayon, but it may also be used in some applications with filament companion fibers.