LYCRA® T562B Fiber

LYCRA® T562B fiber features excellent heat-setting efficiency for natural and heat-sensitive fibers, and for molded fabrics. It reduces the heat exposure required to stabilize a fabric, and allows manufacturers to produce fabrics of better quality in terms of improved whiteness, brighter colors, and a softer hand.

With LYCRA® T562B fiber, manufacturers can reduce heat-setting temperature to maximize energy savings, or heat-set at standard temperatures while increasing stenter speed to maximize throughput. Either way, fabrics can be fully heat-set without scorching the primary fiber.

LYCRA® T562B fiber is also ideal for fabrics intended for molded garments such as bra cups. At reduced molding temperature and/or residence time, LYCRA® T562B fiber produces a full, deep cup with good whiteness or color retention, and good shape retention.