LYCRA® T77FF Fiber

LYCRA® T77FF fiber contains bicomponent technology that helps make hosiery resistant to runs (ladders). This steam-settable and fusible elastane fiber can extend the wear-life of hosiery by helping to prevent common abrasions from producing unsightly runs. It also provides the comfort, fit, and aesthetics that consumers expect from hosiery with LYCRA® fiber.

LYCRA® T77FF fiber, currently available as a 20 dtex monofilament, is designed for knitting into every course as a covered yarn. Exposure to heat during hosiery boarding (steam-setting) activates the anti-run mechanism of LYCRA® T77FF fiber and causes it to fuse to itself wherever it intersects within the fabric stitches. The result is a lattice structure of durable tack-points that help to prevent punctures or tears from running.