LYCRA® FIBER MOVES IV - March 10-11, 2016

This year marked the fourth edition of LYCRA® FIBER MOVES, popular and exclusive invite-only event designed to provide leaders of the legwear value chain with a recognized global meeting point during which they can explore opportunities for value-creation. The event included two half-day conference sessions with prime content on a variety of segment-relevant subjects.




We are pleased to provide you with a recap of some of our exciting speakers.

The panel of congress’ top-level speakers includee:

  • Keynotes speakers of International fame
  • Top specialized industry experts
  • Selected spoke-persons from International companies to introduce case-studies
  • INVISTA’s Top management, R&D and Marketing professionals

Sybille Bald

LYCRA® F!Tfinder, a solution to find the optimal size for hosiery
Richard Barnes (Select Research), Maciej Kopytek (Ferax) and Wim Bakker (INVISTA)

Consumer insights have shown that a high percentage of women have difficulty finding hosiery that fits and feels comfortable. This insight led INVISTA to develop a trial app called LYCRA® F!T FINDER to help customers find the right size based on their body measurements and digital body scans.


Sustainable Apparel - Reflections on Progress
Les Jacques, Sustainability Consultant

Les Jacques took guests on a sustainability journey, sharing insights into the beginnings of sustainable apparel, key events, how much the industry has achieved up until 2016, the current challenges, and what targets need to be reach to prevent the projection that by 2030 the world is set to face a 40% global water deficit.


Robert Kirkwood, Executive Vice-President of Marketing and Technology at INVISTA, invited guests on ‘The Innovation Journey at INVISTA’. From polymers and materials, to fibre, fabrics and garments, he provided valuable insights into how you develop an Innovation Capability that delivers value to all customers and partners in the value chain.

Compression for Everyday Lifestsyle
Consuelo Bañon and Sybille Bald (INVISTA)

Building on the ‘look good, feel good’ concept and based on research from over 4,390 consumers in North & South America and Europe, INVISTA launched its new lifestyle compression offering - LYCRA® ENERGIZE™ powered by FUSION™ technology - designed to offer the consumer the extra benefits of all-day vitalising and energising support to empower them in their busy schedules.


Petra Dillemuth and Giampaolo Faconio from GfK presented developments in the legwear market and trends with the UK being the biggest market and one of the few markets that increased over the last 3 years with hosiery accounting for 3% sales.


SUPER SUMMER SHEER technology by LYCRA® brand has been designed to create and highlight fresh perspectives on ultra sheer hosiery thanks to its upgraded technology. The new offering is designed to be worn into the warmer summer season delivering sheerness with lasting fit. The use of our anti-laddering FUSION™ technology by LYCRA® brand gives you ‘the feeling of wearing nothing’ in super transparent sheer hosiery with super high resistance.


Afonso, Content Marketing Evangelist, states his mission is to unlock the global opportunities for brands to market on LinkedIn and work with marketers to demystify the business model behind content.


A New Era in Performance Fibres
Jane Gwyther (INVISTA)

In light of a new era in consumer product and purchasing demands INVISTA delved into sock buying trends. When asked about the type of benefits they looked for in EVERYDAY socks they were – stays up / washes well and retains it shape, doesn’t feel sweaty - all key drives to ensure comfort in the garment.


Jane Gwyther (INVISTA)

INVISTA demonstrated a new era in performance fibres for socks made from 97% recycled resources using COOLMAX® ECOMADE fibre. This included SOFT COMFORT technology by LYCRA® brand which provides exceptionally soft comfort for sock tips thanks to its high performance stretch and recovery.


Global Retail Trends and Prospects 2020
Jorge Martin (Euromonitor)

Jorge Martin from Euromonitor International presented on Global Retail Trends and Prospects to 2020 citing that internet retailing has seen a 192% growth between 2010 and 2015 with the absolute value generated via ecommerce during this time globally US $106 billion. From the consumer the key market drivers are search for convenience, increased global connectivity and trend for sofa shopping.


The Power of Technology to Communicate
Jonathan Chippindale (Holition)

In this ever-changing Digital Age, Jonathan Chippendale, CEO of Holition, discussed digital anthropology and shared valuable insights on how technology has disrupted the retail world. From in-store experience to catwalk shows, brands are integrating technology in ever more creative ways to keep up with the latest innovations and new-age consumer demands.


Economic Outlook and Customer Buying Trends
David Jofre Tejada (Comercia Global Payments) & Claudina Farré (CaixaBank)

Presented by David Jofre Tejada, International Business Development officer of Comercia Global Payments and Claudina Farré, Rep Office of CaixaBank Milan there is a continued growth in e-commerce over retail based shopping with a specific focus on the importance of mobile shopping.


Event History

LYCRA® FIBER MOVES is the only legwear industry event in Europe dedicated to the elite professionals of this sector. The event is organized by INVISTA, one of the world’s largest integrated producers of chemical intermediates, polymers and fibers, and owner of well-known textile brands such as LYCRA® fiber and COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® fabrics, which are widely used in both hosiery and socks.

The Theme – Future Forward

This year's theme was "Future Forward", expressing INVISTA's innovative spirit and positive attitude towards the future, where there is time for and focus on fruitful collaborations with stakeholders to answer market opportunities and to grow each other’s businesses. Move forward into the future with us, so that LYCRA® can move your business.

INVISTA and Legwear Innovations

Hosiery is one of the most complex categories of apparel in terms of fiber and yarn types, method of construction and consumer attitudes. It can be considered a basic, utilitarian part of a woman’s wardrobe or the height of fashion. It can cost little or cost a lot. It might be considered almost a disposable item, to be thrown away after a few wearings, or something to be treasured.

LYCRA® fiber has altered hosiery in fundamental ways. Its long-lasting elasticity effectively closed the gap between fashion and function. By improving fit, it also improved durability. Manufacturers have discovered that with LYCRA® fiber it is possible to create hosiery with unprecedented characteristics of comfort and fit while, at the same time, making possible a much wider range of sheerness, softness and design creativity. LYCRA® fiber enables designers to let their creativity soar.

Today in Europe almost 60% of all women’s hosiery produced and sold contains LYCRA® fiber in the panty and leg, a phenomenal growth if one considers that in the mid-1980s it accounted for less than 4%. Hosiery with LYCRA® fiber rates very highly in consumer recognition – and in consumer satisfaction surveys.

LYCRA® FIBER MOVES IV - March 10-11, 2016