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BuzzBytes - The Miracle of Lingerie

Dec 08, 2014

This month’s issue of Buzzbytes showcases garments featuring LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric and lace produced by Regina Miracle International Co. Ltd. The essence of Regina is their marriage of exquisite detail and skillful simplicity and has helped them become true artisans of timeless design. Founded in 1998, Regina has long been a pioneer of new technologies, helping it to become one of the world’s largest lingerie producers.

Regina Miracle
  • Regina Miracle


    Black one-piece body suit is as functional as it is beautiful

    An invisible front support panel shapes and controls the tummy while the shaping lace on the hips beautifully lift the posterior

    Crystal accents around the deep neckline and the flexible, silicone appliqué on the back give intricate detail to the sleek and simple shaper

    Style: D-P037-07
    Mill: Best Pacific; Brunet
    Fabric/Fiber: Fabric in Black – Best Pacific EJ0271M (80% Nylon, 20% LYCRA® fiber)
    Fabric/Fiber: Lace in Black – Brunet J6119AAA (84% Nylon, 16% LYCRA® fiber)
  • Regina black v-neck top


    Black v-neck top and Capri pants give loungewear a sleek and stylish facelift

    Matching two-piece set can be used as an indoor or outerwear garment that provides all-around shaping and torso smoothing

    A cascade of black shimmers adorns the back of the shirt while the illusion mesh inset on back and collar evoke a subtle sexiness with secret shaping power

    The combination of mesh and fabric shape the legs while the same shimmers explode down the front to link the sleek ensemble

    Style: D-P037-04 and D-P037-02
    Mill: Eurojersey; Best Pacific
    Fabric/Fiber: Fabric in Black – Eurojersey GOAQ (71% Nylon, 29% LYCRA® fiber)
    Fabric/Fiber: Mesh in Black – Best Pacific 34157 (71% Nylon, 29% LYCRA® fiber)
  • Regina Miracle


    Matching champagne bra and panty with black lace accent provide a sophisticated look

    Although delicate in appearance, the LYCRA® BEAUTY lace reinforces the tummy while bonded technology gives the garment a clean and sleek style with no stitching

    Dramatic sparkles and delicate bow accents on panty and balconette bra emphasize the intricacy of the lace design

    Style: D-P037-05
    Mill: Best Pacific; Brunet
    Fabric/Fiber: Fabric in champagne beige – Best Pacific 131390MS1 (63% PA, 37% LYCRA® fiber)
    Fabric/Fiber: Lace in Black – Brunet JL6E1239 (83% Nylon, 17% LYCRA® fiber)
  • Regina Miracle


    Matching bra and high-waisted panty use beautiful black lace and silvery taupe fabric for a sexy tuxedo style design

    The keyhole, racer back bra is elegantly detailed and uses a contrasting lace overlay throughout the piece for unique, smoothing functionality

    The high-waisted panty shapes the posterior and sides while the LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric tummy panel and lace reinforcements lift and firm the torso

    Lace detail and a trio crystal accent the front of the panty complimenting the peek-a-boo power mesh back for a sexy, refined look

    Style: D-P037-06
    Mill: Eurojersey; Best Pacific; Brunet
    Fabric/Fiber: Fabric in Silvery Taupe – Eurojersey T NYAL (59% Nylon, 41% LYCRA® fiber)
    Fabric/Fiber: Mesh in Black – Best Pacific 63643SF-86MS1 (59% Nylon, 41% LYCRA® fiber)
    Fabric/Fiber: Lace in Black – Brunet J6119AAA (84% Nylon, 16% LYCRA® fiber)

Four leading mills produced the LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics and laces to make Regina’s creations possible:

With nearly 1500 employees, Best Pacific uses their vertical integration (warping, knitting, dyeing, and in-house printing) and Nano Design, their design service, to offer up seasonal on-trend colors and textiles. They also offer narrow elastics through their New Horizon sister company.

Brunet International has been innovating in lace for 100 years. Their two factories in China and Thailand leverage their European heritage with speed, creativity, and technology to deliver the right product at the right price.

Through quality, creativeness, responsiveness and outstanding services, Charming has become a leader in warp-knitted elastic fabrics and lace production. Their R&D team creates over 200 new fabrics each year, ranging from tricots, rachels, meshes, jacquardtronic lace, doubleknits, and spacers.

EUROJERSEY, established in 1960, is well known internationally for its entrepreneurial spirit and the high-performing characteristics of its Sensitive® fabrics range. They offer additional benefits such as skin-firming ingredients, silver-based solutions, and company-wide ecological manufacturing.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful garments with LYCRA® BEAUTY fabric and lace. LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics are engineered to smooth, sculpt, control and accentuate sensual curves – and the addition of lace now provides a new level of elegance and sophistication to shapewear.

Contact Information

Best Pacific Textile Ltd. Helen Yi 852 2742 0300; 86 769 8823 1808 Hong Kong
Brunet International Ltd. Zoe Zhou 88 755 2712 9696 China
Eurojersey S.p.A. Giada Goti (USA) 917 251 4037 Italy
Charming Fabrics Holger Li +86 (0) 750 667867 China