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Nov 19, 2014

LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ campaign launched by INVISTA in LYCRA® MOVERS HOUSE Fashion & Art Exhibition

On October 19th, the LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ global brand campaign was officially launched in China. A four-day art exhibition was hold in Shanghai BANK OF ART from Oct 20th-23rd.  Participants were wowed by the different experience of the brand in the LYCRA® Movers House through unique presentation and creative interaction.  The show not only presented a feast of vision and experience to the people in Shanghai, but also brought a trend of free mover to the consumers in the city.

The 2014 LYCRA® MOVER™ Award was also presented on the day:

Fashion editor LEAFGREENER won the MOVER OF STYLE award with her original sense of trend and fashion.

Crossover artist ANDY CHAN won the MOVER OF COMMUNICATION award with his charm and influence in different fields of entertainment.

Famous musician B6 won the MOVER OF CREATIVITY with the appeal of his strong musical talent and VJ imagery.

Designer HELEN LEE and Super Model Si Miaobin shared the MOVER OF INSPIRATION award.  Si is HELEN’s source of inspiration in fashion creation while they work together seamlessly.

The hot actress and singer Qi Wei also expressed her excitement for winning the MOVER OF ATTITUDE award through a video.