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LYCRA® fibre will be legging it at the Salon International de la Lingerie (24-26 January 2015)

Feb 15, 2015

The "Beautiful Legs" area at the Salon International de la Lingerie has expanded this year to feature new events in partnership with INVISTA and the many developments achieved in the hosiery market using LYCRA® fibre. Sponsored by LYCRA® fibre, an offbeat, dynamic fashion show revealing only the legs of the models will be staged twice a day. Visitors get a glimpse of the upcoming season's trends as well as the exhibitor collections with the most creative flair.

In the same area, LYCRA® fibre will be showcasing the latest developments from its research laboratory, on mannequins. A consumer survey conducted by INVISTA has defined five types of women, corresponding to developments in styles and lifestyles. For each consumer profile, INVISTA will be suggesting fashion-forward hosiery from the "ideas" collection featuring LYCRA® innovations.

The five types include Spontaneous Sara who goes for products that reflect her exuberant personality, preferably creative, original products. Franci, the Butterfly, flutters from one brand to another on a whim, buoyed by trends, with new developments triggering her purchases. Sofia, the Power Woman, pays attention to every last detail on her outfits, carefully choosing according to the occasion, and her hosiery is no exception. As for Functional Freda, she aims for simplicity, opting for hosiery that provides plenty of support and comfort, as well as contributing to her well-being and balance. Pragmatic Paula, the nature lover, chooses practical products affording freedom of movement and comfort, perfectly matching her complexion, choosing a flawless, lasting fit over hot trends.

The partnership between INVISTA and the Salon International de la Lingerie dovetails neatly with the "LYCRA® MOVES YOU™" campaign showcasing LYCRA® fibre's unrivalled properties in terms of freedom, comfort and movement. With this ‘Beautiful Legs’ drive, INVISTA is renewing its commitment to legwear.


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