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Swimwear Secrets

Mar 30, 2015

Swimwear Anywhere knows a thing or two about attracting sun-loving consumers who want to look their best at the poolside or on the beach wearing CoCo Reef swimwear.


The fiber provides flattering fit; enhances swimwear comfort and freedom of movement; improves product durability and offers superior resistance to the damaging effects of heat, pool chlorination, sunscreen. Click here to discover their post.

Fit retention, in particular, is a critical consideration for premium swimwear. Fabrics with S RESIST technology by LYCRA® brand  keep quality products looking as good as their first day in the sun for up to ten times longer than unprotected elastane.

For more information on S RESIST technology by LYCRA® brand, please contact Elana Page, Swimwear Marketing Account Manager, North America.