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Apr 10, 2015

INVISTA and Indian elastic giant Konika are strengthening their innovative collaboration in the Intimate Apparel segment.


The intent is to further improve the quality of narrow tapes in the domestic marketplace and reinforce Konika’s competitiveness as a specialist international supplier.

The relationship between the two businesses began soon after Konika was created in 1996, and has already led to significant improvement in the quality, fit and comfort of garments available to Indian women. The joint ambition is to take this further by creating innovative conventional and contemporary ranges of tapes incorporating high-tech LYCRA® fiber strands.

In a trade media interview, Konika owner Mr Rajesh Baid claims that company testing has repeatedly proved the superior performance of LYCRA® fiber compared to generic spandex, and that consumer recognition of the LYCRA® brand is a significant additional benefit.

The link with INVISTA “has gone way beyond buying and selling”, he said. “They are actively extending technical and market support to our business”.
Konika is looking to extend from its home market and develop links with leading global manufacturers of Intimate Apparel. The LYCRA® brand is helping move its business in that direction.

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