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Who’s on the hot designer short list?

May 19, 2015

What makes SiChen Huang move? Read her interview to discover how she fell in love with fashion and why she decided to participate in the 6th edition of the INVISTA LYCRA® Future Designers award.


1.        When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?

In my university, the major of fashion design need to has second exam. During preparing the exam, I found myself fell in love with this major which let me express myself well. At that time, I realized I wanted to be a fashion designer.

     2.        What is your ultimate dream job?

I want to found my own brand. I think this is almost designers’ dream job. I think myself is a girl with different idea with others, design is the best way to show who I am. So I want to do something I like, want to share with others. What’s more, clothes in my mind is not only clothes, I hope it will be a platform to meet more people who have the similar Interest with me.

3.        What inspired your designs for the LYCRA® Future Designers award?

I think the most relaxing moment can make good work. So I shot from the nature, using the most clear, fresh nature blue, plus the lines of the nature, to create a relaxed atmosphere, foiling the whole collection.


4.        If you win, what do you hope to achieve within 12 months?

After all, I am an undergraduate student; I think I still have so many things to study out of school. Fashion design is not a major to use one day to master it, like Rome is not built in a day. So I hope to enter in a large company which style is similar with my brand’s to work and learn for a period of time, so that I can take charge of the whole operation process about the fashion industry company. If it is necessary, I hope I can go abroad to see the different scenery and have a look at diversity culture.

5.        What other projects are you working on at the moment?

I just finished my undergraduate final design. And now I am an intern at Elegant-Prosper Company in Shanghai.

6.        Tell us a random fact about yourself, or… a secret that no one knows about you (yet!):

I am an out-going person who always is curious about every funny thing. It would show on my design, in the next question I would like to share something with you. In the meanwhile, I am a competitive boyish girl; I regard myself as a boy to achieve the dream in the future. I hope to be a real man during difficult times, be committed to resolving problems, but also lighten up and ride the waves of impermanence.

7.        Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would like to share a part of my portfolio with you.