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Who’s on the hot designer short list?

May 12, 2015

Check out what contenders for the Future Designers Award, the prestigious international competition sponsored by the LYCRA® brand, think about on their work and sources of inspiration. The winner will be celebrated at the ceremony in London on Thursday May 14th, 2015.

Read the interview with Sukriti Mandal (India), one of the top 10 candidates to the 6th edition of the INVISTA LYCRA® Future Designers award.

LYCRA®Future Designers 2015_Sukriti

1.        When did you realize you wanted to become a designer?

After my matriculation when I was 16, one day I was watching some newspaper and I found there some well known Indian Designer’s article and I asked it to my Di (Younger Sister) - “Di how they become a well known Designer ?” and my Di reply it to me that – “There have a Fashion Design course, to become a designer ”. Then I start searching the good one Fashion Designing Institute all over in India and I joined National Institute of Fashion Technology (Kolkata) to become a designer and I start watching FTV mid-night show on the sly.

     2.        What is your ultimate dream job?

I really want to be a well known designer who will work for socially and spiritually. I will work for humanity through my collection. 

3.        What inspired your designs for the LYCRA® Future Designers award?

“ENLIGHTEN SPIRIT” is my key inspiration. The source of Spiritual Enlightment is “THE DEEP THINGS OF GOD”. I am going through deeply on about Visual feel and Psychological aspects of Spiritual Enlightment. Before achieving the goal everybody pray to the GOD for his or her good wishes.

Then He/She psychologically feel that She/He is Energetic, Confident, Fresh, Strong, Joy, Loved, Expressive, Connected, Divine, etc.

Visually Green color is the source of energy and freshness, Blue is the source of confident and Black is associated with power and Grey is always cool. All of those color shade visually and psychologically enlighten the spiritual energy which are used on that Active Sportswear collection (Skating, Downhill Cycling race). Screen printed surface embellishment (Geometrical pattern) enlighten the spirit of energy. That surface print spread out from top to down and down to top cause of that psychologically energy spread out on that way. Geometric shaped panel balanced the visual weight of garments.

LYCRA Future Designers 2015_Sukriti 2

4.        If you win, what do you hope to achieve within 12 months?

First of all that’s a biggest thing is that I will get the opportunity to work with expert mentors at INVISTA owner of the LYCRA® brand.

Officially I will set up my own Design Studio – “SUKRIT DESIGN STUDIO”. Where I can start my new experimental work and no limit of highly creativity through Science, Technology, Mythology, Poet or anything else and I’ll focus on much more the phenomena of the physical world collectively which can give the actual spiritual power/Shakti or curing the mental or physical diseases. I will launch my own Designer Brand/Label (Lounge Wear, Body Line) supported by – “SUKRIT DESIGN STUDIO”.

Start my journey to reach the top ten Globally High End Designer Brand/Label for Sports, Lounge, and Intimate Wear within Five to Ten Years. 

5.        What other projects are you working on at the moment?

World of Wearable Art 2015, Vogue India Fashion Fund and taking preparation for Miami Fashion Week and Lakme India FashionWeek.