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Jun 01, 2015

More than 160 legwear specialists attended a seminar organized by INVISTA in March at Yiwu, the main manufacturing center for hosiery and socks in China. It was the first event of its kind.

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The one day program attracted a mixed audience of specialist coverers, knitters and retailers. Topics ranged from consumer research through fiber and fabric technology developments to global fashion trends in a highly competitive segment where quality and creativity are increasingly important to boosting sales.

The consumer research and the directional styling guidance in LYCRA® Legwear Trends 2014-2015 were particularly relevant to anticipating the tastes and needs of increasingly sophisticated consumer groups in the Chinese domestic marketplace, as well as elsewhere around the world.

There was strong interest in the run-resistant capabilities of FUSION™ technology by LYCRA® brand and the colour-enhancing properties of LIVING LIGHTS technology by LYCRA® brand, and the silhouette-enhancing SHAPING technology by LYCRA® brand. The technical insights were backed by runway demonstrations of both concept and commercially available legwear products.

‘Metamorphosis’ was the transformational  theme of an event which underlined INVISTA’s commitment to quality and to the level of upstream and downstream product innovation that can help drive business growth throughout the legwear supply chain.

Learn more about FUSION™ technology and LIVING LIGHTS technology by LYCRA® brand. Learn more on the consumer benefits of SHAPING technology by LYCRA® brand.


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