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Come see us at the Munich Fabric Start

Aug 20, 2015

INVISTA presents new options for Boyfriend Jeans and LYCRA® BEAUTY brand shaping denim at Munich Fabric Start's BLUEZONE.

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  • Photo 1: Jeans made with lastingFIT technology by LYCRA® brand provide a stylish and comfortable option for the latest boyfriend silhouettes -- without the bag and sag.

  • Photo 2: LYCRA® BEAUTY branded fabrics comfortably sculpt the body so consumers no longer have to choose between looking great in their jeans and being comfortable. 

INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® fibre brand and one of the world’ s largest integrated producers of fibres and polymers, will introduce new fabric options for boyfriend jeans on September 1st and 2nd 2015 at the Munich Fabric Start show’s BLUEZONE. Made with lastingFIT technology by LYCRA® brand, these fabrics incorporate LYCRA® T400® fiber for comfort stretch and long lasting shape retention. 

“By using fabrics with corespun LYCRA® T400® fiber, brands and retailers can achieve authentic denim aesthetics, along with the freedom of movement their consumer desire,” explains Silvia Toledo, INVISTA Denim Account Manager for North EMEA. “Women – and increasingly men -- have become accustomed to the comfort and performance that fabrics with LYCRA® brand technologies provide. Now they don’t have to sacrifice that comfort and can still get the look of traditional denim.”

In addition INVISTA will also showcase at its information booth at ST 01 information the latest LYCRA® BEAUTY branded shaping fabrics from around the world. LYCRA® BEAUTY branded fabrics were developed in response to women’s desire for denim garments with shaping capabilities. The fabric features the SHAPING technology by LYCRA® brand to enhance, smooth, and slim the body while remaining comfortable, helping women look and feel their best. Developed on a scientific method to correlate fit model feedback with wear force testing and in addition, body scanning technology quantified the ability of a denim fabric to provide comfortable shaping. Since the launch of this new shaping fabric innovation in late 2014, worldwide leading partner mills have already been developing fabrics using SHAPING technology by LYCRA® brand and presenting them to their denim clients/brands.

The response to the LYCRA® BEAUTY branded platform has been excellent according to Silvia Toledo. “Today we have over 200 certified LYCRA® BEAUTY branded denim fabrics and the first garments will appear in German retail later this fall,” says Toledo. “By sourcing fabrics that meet LYCRA® BEAUTY brand quality standards, brands and retailers have the tools to develop garments that provide comfortable shaping, resulting in a high degree of consumer satisfaction.”

Tejidos Royo was one of the first who developed a range of denim fabrics qualified for LYCRA® BEAUTY brand which help to maximize comfort, smooth the curves, enhance the figure – for looking and feeling best.

“With our branded fabrics “Megalast” Tejidos Royo offers denims for long life stretch. And with our brand new denim fabric line “hug” we even combine two advantages: this high performance denim is lightweight with shaping attributes and thanks to dualFX® technology by LYCRA® brand it provides all-round (360 degree) stretch for amazing comfort and freedom of movement with great shape maintenance”, says Panos Sofianos, Creative Director and Product Manager at Tejidos Royo.   

Rounding out the global fabric collection at the INVISTA stand are the latest COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® fabrics for the growing category of performance denim. “Today’s consumers are looking for garments and fabrics that “do” something -- offer some kind of added value, whether it be shaping denim  like LYCRA® BEAUTY fabrics, or COOLMAX® fabric with cool, dry comfort, or THERMOLITE® fabric that helps keep you warm,” Toledo said. “As a leading provider of solutions to the textile and apparel industries, INVISTA can offer its customers the tools to provide this value.”

To find out more about LYCRA® BEAUTY branded fabrics and other INVISTA innovations, visit us at the INVISTA stand (stand number ST 01) at Munich Fabric Start´s BLUEZONE on September 1st and 2nd 2015 or visit

LYCRA®, dualFX®, T400®, COOLMAX® and THERMOLITE® are trademarks of INVISTA.


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