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Sep 01, 2015

The artist Rosario Ortega, the designer Valeria Pesqueira and the photographer Lucila Godoy created a fashion film to reinterpret AW16 and SS16-17 trends.

INVISTA for LYCRA® fiber joined forces with artist Rosario Ortega, designer Valeria Pesqueira – from Pesqueira™ brand - and Lucila Godoy - photographer and international model, to reinterpret AW16 and SS16-17 trends in a fashion film that was premiered in LYCRA® MOVES YOUR DREAMS. The event was held on Wednesday August 26 in Salon Darwin and also, a fashion show took place, where the garments that Pesqueira™ designed especially for the short film were exhibited.

LYCRA® MOVES YOUR DREAMS presented the film that they made together, where the designer, the actress and the directors imprinted their view of the trends in a dream that reflects and invites to the movement. The short film was performed by the multi-faceted actress, singer and model Rosario Ortega; with the artistic direction of the curious and tireless photographer Lucila Godoy and the technical direction of Nicolás Giarrusso, motion designer of Chancho TV.

The AW16 trends, provided by WGSN for INVISTA, - Artisan, Elemental, OffBeat and ReMaster – and the four trends of SS16-17 – Encounter Culture, Edgelands, Digital Wave and Pause – inspired the story that starred the beautiful Rosario Ortega. The imprint of each megatrend is evoked in all scenes, textures and color palettes were reflected in the film along with the costumes of Valeria Pesqueira’s costume designs.

With eight outfits designed by Pesqueira™ as a common thread, the film was based on the story of a fashion designer looking for inspiration to create a collection. This search leads her through different situations in a dream where she understands that the answer lies inside herself and that her creativity is the fusion of her stories, knowledge and experiences.

The conglomeration that Valeria Pesqueira creates is an exquisitely sophisticated and playful collection that portrays her particular classic and restless style. The looks were completed with the Tooper® slipper that will be available for sale in Pesqueira™ stores.

INVISTA for the LYCRA® fiber astounds once again with its original way to present trends for the coming seasons.


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