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Beauty bares its soul

Sep 14, 2015

They have imaginative ways of creating consumer interest in Colombia, but Leonisa went further than most by linking a new brand campaign and the presentation of its collections at the recent Colombiamoda trade event to a reality TV show.

The intimate apparel segment leader went in search of what lies beneath the surface of Colombia’s most beautiful women. It challenged models and others around the country to ‘Bare your soul’ – the theme of its consumer campaign.

Over seven hundred women accepted and offered glimpses of inner-selves in short video interviews. The models that provided the most interesting responses were chosen for Leonisa’s runway show at the flagship trade event in Medellin where Brazilian supermodel Isabeli Fontana was a special guest. Non-models were invited to join the audience.

The final casting session and what the women had to say about themselves was captured on camera by the RCN channel and turned into a TV special (link). Many of the interviews were shot on stage with Leonisa and LYCRA® branding prominent.

This successful high-end intimate apparel brand is vertically integrated from mill to retail and is a 100% LYCRA® user. Internationally ambitious, it already well known across South American markets and is growing business in the US and elsewhere.

Leonisa can draw confidently on the global consumer appeal of the LYCRA® brand wherever it goes – and the certain knowledge of INVISTA product and marketing support.


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