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Mexican waves

Jun 15, 2015

The Fiorentina and LYCRA® brands are making waves together in Mexico. A new marketing collaboration between INVISTA and this innovative leader in the swimwear and intimate apparel is driving store traffic and boosting sales.
Fiorentina main

Fiorentina, part of the portfolio of the Mexican-based Diltex Group, has a strong consumer following. Its 25 boutiques located in the country’s biggest malls promise – and deliver – style, excitement and a highly personalized shopper experience (

Fiorentina is a long-standing LYCRA® customer, but the relationship between the two moved to a new level last year at Tulum Fashion 2014 when an INVISTA-sponsored photoshoot and catwalk presentation of Fiorentina’s swimwear and lingerie collections was a highlight at this international apparel industry event held in December on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

The two companies have worked closely since to promote Fiorentina and the benefits LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibers bring to its swimwear and lingerie collections and LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber to shapewear.

A consumer campaign in conventional and social media with the notable participation of national TV show hostess Martha Debayle and the Media Marketing Knowledge Group has boosted traffic at Fiorentina outlets, where its 2015 collections are now on display backed by images from Tulum and the LYCRA® benefits story.

Fiorentina marketing manager, Gabriela Riviello, thinks the two brands are natural partners. “Our primary target is women who are not stereotypes – who think differently; who think of themselves as individuals. The LYCRA® brand positioning and the freedom message of the LYCRA® MOVES YOU™ campaign work perfectly to support this.”

“Our collections speak for themselves, but highlighting the product benefits of LYCRA® in-store adds confidence about comfort, fit and garment life. We look forward to continuing our marketing partnership and are already planning the next phase of activity.”

The consumer attraction of distinctive styling and product excellence backed by not just one but two strong brands is already evident at checkout. Gabriella reports that sales value is currently exceeding forecast by 12% – further proof that LYCRA® helps move your business.


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