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The Future of Legwear Begins with LYCRA® fiber

Feb 29, 2016

INVISTA, the company that owns LYCRA® fiber, presented its trends forecast for socks and hosiery at seminars throughout Europe and North America, between November to January. Brand partners who attended the sessions were privy to Legwear insights and trends months before anyone else. They learned which benefits and design concepts are likely to be important to consumers in AW 16/17. 

These seminars and the new trends and products they highlight help LYCRA® fiber B2B customers stay ahead of the competition. By sharing consumer insights and trend forecasts with its valued business partners, INVISTA enables them to create products consumers will want, which is critical to achieving retail sell out. It’s just one of many benefits that come from using LYCRA® fiber in your fabrics and garments.

This highly anticipated annual event demonstrates the LYCRA® brand’s commitment to the legwear segment and the close relationship it has with a leading trend forecasting agency to develop its concept collection. The brand remains at the forefront of legwear innovation by presenting forward-thinking research and analysis to its business partners.

A Who’s Who of Hosiery at Seminar

The list of attendees for both legwear trend events included representatives from companies across the value chain from retailers to fabric mills. Attendees enjoyed a demonstration of new, trendsetting hosiery from the LYCRA® Fiber Legwear Fashion Directions and Concept Collection. Designed by the Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, a trends agency focused on innovative product design, and produced at the LYCRA® fiber laboratory in Italy, each piece in the collection illustrated one of nine projected trends for AW 16/17 (each trend is explained in detail below). The collection also showed how the LYCRA® brand, renowned worldwide for its high quality fibers, is also very creative. The brand continues to drive innovation to make legwear trends, not follow them.

Fashion Forward Hosiery Trends

What’s in store for AW 16/17? There is a growing movement in fashion to design and create multipurpose garments that serve a new, hybrid lifestyle that combines sports, leisure, work and technologies. This direction is also influencing legwear designs.

This year’s LYCRA® Fiber Legwear Fashion Directions and Concept Collection brings a higher level of performance to hosiery and socks, and is certain to broaden the appeal of any legwear collection. The collection utilizes fibers and technologies that have been specially selected to bring the forecasted trends to life; however, they can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


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