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LYCRA® FIBER MOVES - A look back

Mar 08, 2016

On the eve of the fourth edition of LYCRA® FIBER MOVES we take a look back at the history of the international legwear forum that is a platform for the future of hosiery.

Every two years, over 24 hours, hundreds of industry leaders gather at the only global legwear event dedicated to the hosiery industry. Focusing on innovations, trends and market insights, LYCRA® FIBER MOVES has become the epicentre for business networking along the entire value chain, for global economic and social trend overviews, the latest in legwear fashion trends, for a host of influential figures from the legwear industry and beyond, and for the world premiere of the latest innovations from INVISTA.

This year, the story continues in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Como, Italy on the 10-11th March. INVISTA, together with its trailblazing LYCRA® brand, continues to lead the way in consumer research and technological innovations in legwear. The theme is FUTURE FORWARD, and guests will be introduced to four INVISTA innovations, as well as high profile speakers from Comercia Global Payments, Euromonitor, GfK, Holition, LinkedIn, and Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, among others. Key topics that will be covered include the future of the hosiery industry, Digitalisation / Customisation, Wellness / Health / Performance, and Sustainability.

“LYCRA® FIBER MOVES has quickly become a must-attend event in the legwear industry calendar and demonstrates our commitment to the industry”, said Sybille Bald the global segment director for hosiery at INVISTA. “Offering valuable insights into the future of the hosiery industry and innovations that continue to excite and meet the needs of the consumer, LYCRA® FIBER MOVES is a unique 24-hour business experience.”

The last three conferences have seen the launch of some of the most exciting and revolutionary changes to hosiery in recent years. Here are a few highlights:

LYCRA® FIBER MOVES I, Verona 2009 - INVISTA launched FUSION™ technology by LYCRA® brand, the ultimate run-resistant performance fiber that helps prevent ladders in hosiery. This technology has since been adopted globally and has delighted hosiery enthusiasts who expect more from their hosiery.

LYCRA® FIBER MOVES II, Barcelona 2011 - INVISTA introduced LYCRA® BEAUTY hosiery, a market-based concept for shaping hosiery that enables the creation of garments offering both shaping performance and incredible comfort.

LYCRA FIBER MOVES III, Verona 2013 - More than 300 textile industry professionals from all over the world again gathered in Verona to witness the unveiling of global consumer hosiery insight research conducted by INVISTA, which identified the needs and expectations of hosiery consumers. The revolutionary and patented LIVING LIGHTS technology by LYCRA® brand was launched enabling hosiery producers to introduce legwear with deeper, more saturated fashion colours as well as more natural skin tones. As proof of its success, today it has become the standard offering from INVISTA for fine legwear.

INVISTA also unveiled the revolutionary and patented FREEF!T® technology by LYCRA® brand, offering waistbands for hosiery garments with an enhanced new comfort concept. The sophisticated, expertly engineered technology offers garment makers a chance to be seen as pioneers in the hosiery segment by responding to the needs and wishes of today’s consumers who place immense value on the feeling of freedom and comfort.

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LYCRA®, FUSION® and FREEF!T® are trademarks of INVISTA.