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LYCRA® BEAUTY brand and Willy Hermann join forces to drive innovation in shapewear

Mar 07, 2016

Well-known for experimenting and embracing new technologies, WILLY HERMANN is the first mill in Europe to offer a commercially available certified fabric collection made with the new LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology. Designed for shapewear, this collection of high-performance fabrics features moisture management to increase the wearer’s comfort, while providing the freedom of movement and exceptional fit that LYCRA® brand products are famous for.
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WILLY HERMANN unveiled the new collection at the Salon International de la Lingerie (SIL Paris) in January, where the firm was also named 2016 Lingerie Designer of the Year by show organizer Eurovet. The award recognizes one of the industry’s top performing and most innovative mills. WILLY HERMANN is known for being a trailblazer and has been innovating to meet industry and consumer demands for new products since 1934.

INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® brand, partnered with WILLY HERMANN and offered technical expertise and 360° marketing support to help bring this breakthrough technology to market. Fabrics made with LYCRA® BEAUTY fiber are currently the industry leading offering for shapewear. By adding moisture management, LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology, is poised to revolutionize shapewear—just as the original LYCRA® fiber did nearly 60 years ago.

Don’t be left behind. Upgrade your shapewear offerings now to include LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology for increased wearer comfort. Consumer research conducted by INVISTA indicated that *69% of female consumers find moisture management in shapewear to be extremely or very important, but only *42% are satisfied with current offerings. INVISTA developed LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology to meet this unsatisfied consumer demand for shapewear that also keeps women cool and comfortable.

LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology transports moisture from the wearer’s skin to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates quickly to promote body cooling and comfort. The moisture management properties are permanent and don’t diminish with repeated washing and wearing. This means the unpleasant, clammy feeling women have experienced when wearing traditional shapewear without moisture management will soon become a thing of the past.

“To ensure we bring our customers the latest fabric innovations in intimate apparel, we collaborate with the LYCRA® brand.” said Ralph Hermann, Managing Director, Willy Hermann GmbH. “Our LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING product offerings vary from lightweight to heavier fabrics depending on customer need, but all offer the long-lasting shaping performance and moisture management that women want today.”

*Source: Global Consumer Shapewear Study – 2010 Strategic Insights. Italy, France, Germany, USA, UK, Brazil, Mexico and China.

Consumer benefits of shaping fabrics made with LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology:

  • Outstanding shaping with a comfortable fit
  • Moisture management to promote body cooling and comfort
  • Exceptionally soft hand


The LYCRA Company Christine Wahle Senior Account Manager, GERMANY +49-160-90167613 Germany