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INVISTA and Calik Denim collaborate on new denim fabric solutions

May 17, 2016

Featuring innovative stretch denim solutions powered by LYCRA® fibre, the collaboration seeks to integrate quality ingredients with the latest fabric concepts, resulting in winning solutions for brands, retailers, and ultimately, the consumer. Fabrics will be showcased at the Calik Denim stand and at a dedicated seminar. 
Curve_New denim technology by Calik Denim, with LYCRA® dualFX® technology

Working together with the LYCRA® brand, Calik Denim aims to amplify the performance element of denim and change the expectations and industry standards of what stretch fabrics can do.
Following the success of its Elastech concept introduced last season to help jeans keep their shape and avoid bagging, Calik Denim has moved this to the next level with Circular Elastech, a multi-angular stretch denim design powered by LYCRA® dualFX® technology both in warp and weft. LYCRA® dualFX® yarn incorporates LYCRA® fibre for super stretch and LYCRA® T400® fibre for amazing recovery.

Hamit Yenici, Managing Director of Calik Denim said: “Our aim is to create a new standard in denim. In the past, bi-stretch fabrics had a natural tendency to grow in the seat and knee areas after repeated wear. Circular Elastech with LYCRA® dualFX® technology gives a genuine full range of motion, while conforming to the wearer’s body to enhance their freedom of movement.”

Calik Denim will also unveil its brand new Curve fabric concept which again uses LYCRA® dualFX® fabric technology. Curve optimises the power of a high-elasticity jean giving a more balanced proportion to the body and helping the wearer achieve a more slender look.

Jean Hegedus, Global Segment Director for Denim, INVISTA Apparel said: “Our consumer research continues to find that comfort, fit, and shape retention are key purchase motivators for denim garments.  INVISTA technologies, paired with Calik’s excellent fabric design and performance attributes, address these key consumer needs.”

Visitors to the Calik Denim stand will be presented with a visual display of garments illustrating their latest performance concepts using different LYCRA® branded technologies.  Additional details on these concepts as well as new consumer insights on denim will be presented at a seminar hosted jointly by Calik and INVISTA on the 18th of May at 15:00.

Join us to learn about present innovative stretch solutions and new technologies in denim. If you are unable to attend the seminar, INVISTA representatives will be at the CALIK DENIM booth throughout the show to answer questions and provide information. We hope to see you in Barcelona!


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