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LYCRA® Brand Highlights New Denim Technologies at EMITEX 2016

Jun 09, 2016

This spring the LYCRA® brand once again demonstrated its strong support to its upstream and downstream partners in the value chain by exhibiting at EMITEX 2016: Argentina’s premier textile trade show. Held in April at the Costa Salguero Center in Buenos Aires, almost ten thousand people visited EMITEX to see over 200 exhibitors over three days. EMITEX provides a vibrant place for exhibitors and attendees to network, learn about new trends and consumer insights, as well as technological innovations in the textile industry. 

LYCRA® fiber and EMITEX

In the LYCRA® fiber Room, the LYCRA® brand acted as the umbrella brand under which 7 key local mills (Alter, Flugel, Guilford, Iteva, Mundo Textil, Rosset and Tessile Argentina) exhibited their collection that use LYCRA® fiber. The room also featured displays of garments made with LYCRA® fiber from 15 top brands: Sol y Oro, Ritmo, Cocot, Dufour, Class Life, Magher, One Step, Admit One, Prestige, Silvana, Sweet Victorian, Sweet Lady, Pesqueira, Selu and Perla

INVISTA experts were on hand to reveal the latest LYCRA® brand innovations and answer questions. Denim, and in particular, new technologies and fibers that enhance garment value like LYCRA® T400®, LYCRA® dualFX® and COOLMAX® technologies, generated a lot of interest at the exhibition. INVISTA also promoted a new online hangtag ordering system that launched in Argentina in November 2015, and shared the key benefits it offers customers who utilize it.

INVISTA Apparel is committed to operating in the Argentine textile market and offers world-class technological and marketing support to its customers. The LYCRA® booth’s prominent place on the EMITEX exhibit floor, the LYCRA® branded meeting room and conferences held there about denim innovations, all served to reinforce our brand leadership in this important market.