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Jun 14, 2016

Today’s athletes and active consumers like to push their limits. And increasingly, they are relying on performance swimwear and activewear that will go the distance with them.

If you want to create garments that can stand up to punishing workouts, there is only one choice: LYCRA® BLACK technology.* 

Performance activewear is worn under extreme conditions that can stress fabric. External agents like UV exposure, sweat, sunscreen, lotions and chlorine can degrade spandex yarn. This leads to a loss of recovery power and reduces garment performance. LYCRA® BLACK technology acts like a shield to protect the fabric from these damaging agents.

As the industry’s first elastane with durable true black color, LYCRA® BLACK technology has virtually eliminated the problem of elastane grin-through and glitter. It also offers the high fabric power retention, color fastness and durable chlorine resistance, and these additional benefits to enhance consumer value:

  • Long-lasting fit and shape retention
  • Excellent uniformity
  • High recovery power
  • High tenacity for robust processing
  • Potential for reducing dyestuff consumption
  • Fabric certification process helps ensure consistent performance regardless of supply source


Contact your INVISTA marketing manager to learn more about LYCRA® BLACK technology, or visit this page.

*LYCRA® BLACK is also known as LYCRA® T275Z fiber.


The LYCRA Company Andrea Nondorf Activewear & Outdoor - Strategy & Business Development Director