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INVISTA showcases the future of sports, athletics and leisurewear with a collection of innovative LYCRA® fiber products

Shanghai, CHINA - Oct 11, 2016

INVISTA, an integrated producer of polymers and specialty fibers for apparel is showcasing the future of sports, athletics and leisurewear at INVISTA Rendez-Vous 2016 with a host of exciting new LYCRA® fiber products. Designed to highlight the latest innovations that enable INVISTA to create exciting opportunities for partners and value for consumers, the event is taking place in Shanghai from October 11-13 alongside China’s most influential textile event - Shanghai Intertextile Apparel Fabrics 2016.

INVISTA showcases the future of sports, athletics and leisurewear with a collection of innovative LYCRA® fiber products

This is the first time for INVISTA to have two pavilions in the International Hall and Functional Hall, featuring LYCRA® MOVES™ ATHLEISURE and LYCRA® MOVES™ DENIM respectively. The size of the exhibition area and the number of co-exhibitors exceeds the scale of last year. To enable visitors to keep abreast of the latest innovations and future trends, INVISTA has set up testing equipment for live demonstrations of its fabric technology performance.

In addition to introducing groundbreaking products, INVISTA Rendez-Vous 2016 also features a strong seminar stream, with in-house industry experts sharing their insights on a host of critical topics. These include Innovation in Sports and Outdoor Clothing, The Mega Active & Athleisure Trend - When Comfort and Performance Matter, and Why Adding Value to Denim is a Win for Consumers and Retailers.

“INVISTA has always believed that the best way to serve customers is through a combination of innovation and thinking of new uses for existing products. INVISTA Rendez-Vous 2016 is designed to enable upstream and downstream partners in the ecosystem to tap into these ideas and the latest innovations in fabrics, textiles and fashion to grow their business alongside INVISTA,” said Steve Stewart, Commercial Director - Greater China, for INVISTA’s Apparel and Advanced Textiles business.

Located in the “International Hall” area of the exhibition, the main INVISTA pavilion features a portfolio of innovative technologies, presented jointly with seventeen co-exhibitors. It focuses on two key areas - Sportswear with “Next generation” LYCRA® SPORT technology and the LYCRA® MOVES™ ATHLEISURE bodywear platform.

On show for the first time in the Asia Pacific region, the “next generation” LYCRA® SPORT technology is scientifically engineered to deliver exceptional comfort, fit and support to stretch activewear. The new platform combines the proven stretch technology of LYCRA® fiber with demanding testing standards that measure fabric performance descriptors on a simplified scale of three indexes.  

  • The Power Index - Measures the compression delivered by the garment’s fabric. The higher the power index, the greater the shaping or compression effect. 
  • The Comfort Index - The higher the comfort index, the more comfort the wearer experiences.
  • The Energy Index - An innovative new metric, this rates the energy exerted by the body due to fabric construction. The lower the energy index, the lower the effort needed to move the fabric, making it ideal for competitive sports activities.

According to Stewart, athletes and active consumers are increasingly calling for sport-specific garments designed to help optimize their athletic performance, but with a high degree of comfort. LYCRA® SPORT technology makes it easier than ever for mills, brands and retailers to meet these specific consumer needs. INVISTA’s proprietary indexes help designers to easily describe performance levels that are tailored to fit the garment’s end use and satisfy the wearer’s need for comfort with performance.

The new LYCRA® SPORT platform also offers mills a simplified fabric certification process, enabling clients to access hang tags and other promotional materials. LYCRA® brand hangtags are designed to drive sales by clearly communicating fabric benefits and the quality assurance the LYCRA® brand name offers consumers.

ATHLEISURE the fusion of sports, athletics and leisurewear

With decades of experience in the activewear sector, the new LYCRA® MOVES™ ATHLEISURE bodywear platform offers industry players access to the expertise and LYCRA® brand technologies that are driving the trend towards aesthetically stylish high performance activewear and innerwear.

“For the innerwear market, athleisure represents an exciting new growth area - both for intimates and bodywear brands to expand their business, creating and supplying garments that consumers want, and for fabric producers who develop performance yet comfy fabrics. It is already a multi-billion-dollar sector predicted to grow another 30% by 2020, especially in Asia, and INVISTA has the technology, knowledge and experience to keep customers ahead of the curve,” said Stewart. 

At Rendez-Vous 2016, INVISTA is showing LYCRA® brand innovations and solutions for the athleisure inspired innerwear market, including:

Denim on the move

<p">Together with five co-exhibitors, INVISTA has also built another pavilion under the theme LYCRA® MOVES™ DENIM. Complete with an Innovation Bar, it offers interactive demonstrations of INVISTA denim technologies, including LYCRA® dualFX®, LYCRA® BEAUTY, LYCRA® HYBRID, COOLMAX® as well as the latest THERMOLITE® IR technology. </p">

A transformative patent pending technology for knit denim fabrics, the LYCRA® HYBRID technology platform fabrics combine the best of both worlds. They offer the comfort and flexibility of a knit and the authentic aesthetics and performance of a woven. What distinguishes this technology from existing knit denim is that the LYCRA® HYBRID fabrics integrate a true denim look and feel with low growth, low shrinkage and multi directional stretch. Additionally, the fabrics can be engineered for use in a range of different garment types, each serving different consumer needs.

THERMOLITE® INFRARED technology is activated by the sun or artificial light sources. Unique Near Infrared (NIR) yarns absorb the NIR rays to raise the temperature of the garment. Built-in hollow fiber technology provides insulation and minimizes heat loss to help optimize performance, even in colder temperatures. The NIR performance is permanent and lasts the entire expected lifespan of the garment.

The LYCRA® MOVES™ DENIM pavilion gives visitors a chance to witness the performance of different fabrics made with INVISTA innovations when they are put to the test.

“One of the unique functions of the LYCRA® HYBRID technology is that you can engineer the fabric to have the exact level of stretch you want. Working with a variety of mills, including Advance Denim of China, Knitdigo of Taiwan and Santanderina of Spain, INVISTA has been able to achieve fabrics with over 100% stretch in one direction and more than 50% in the other, with less than 5% growth. That’s a tremendous innovation that will offer garment designer and end user buyers incredible freedom and flexibility as well as delivering outstanding value,” said Stewart.



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