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Creating Athleisurewear? Say hello to Bralettes!

Nov 30, 2016

The athleisure phenomenon has led to the creation of the versatile bralette, which isn’t worn under clothes, it’s designed to be seen. LYCRA® brand premiered its exclusive, “My Iconic Bralette” capsule collection of 13 concepts at MAREdiMODA earlier this month. 
“My Iconic Bralette” capsule collection with LYCRA® fiber presented at Maredimoda
  • Boselli fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Brugnoli fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • DeepBlue Digital by SPt Argentona  fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Dogi fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Eusebio Confidence Division fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Lior fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Magleria Gina fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Payen fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Penn Italia fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Piave Maitex fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Textisland fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber


  • Textra fabrics made with LYCRA® Fiber




Held in Cannes each November, athleisure was a central focus of this international trade fair dedicated to European underwear and beachwear textiles. The purpose of the collection was to inspire attendees as they develop their own bralette concepts, and to showcase the exceptional work of LYCRA® brand’s partner mills.

“My Iconic Bralette”

Designed by students at the ISGND Academy of Lecco in Italy, and created with athleisure fabrics featuring LYCRA® fiber, each bralette in the collection demonstrated the breadth of creativity and technical prowess of the mills that produced them. A single bralette concept was developed for each of the thirteen partner mills : Brugnoli, Dogi International Fabrics S.A., E. Boselli & C., Eusebio Divisione Confidence, Lior, Maglieria Gina, Payen (European Stretch Fabrics–ESF), Penn Italia, Piave Maitex, Sportswear Argentona, Textilsand, Textra, and Wegal & Tricotel. The capsule collection was featured in a stunning photo gallery in the show’s LYCRA® brand lounge and in promotional materials throughout the show.

What is Athleisure Apparel?

Today’s women want versatile apparel that makes it possible for them to run from the gym to work to the shops without constant wardrobe changes. Most important of all, they want to be comfortable and enjoy lasting performance benefits originally developed for activewear. These include moisture management, compression, and so much more. Athleisure apparel is the consumer-driven solution to this fashion dilemma.


Athleisure is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice that encourages a healthier, more active life focused on balance and wellness. What began as a platform has quickly evolved into its own segment—and it’s one that will surely experience rapid growth for years to come. It would be easy (and wrong) to dismiss athleisure as a passing fashion trend. INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® brand, immediately recognized its business potential. Athleisure is a very exciting growth opportunity for businesses in the intimate apparel and beachwear segments, which already possess the experience and expertise needed to expand into this segment. Contact us today to see how you can capture your share of this burgeoning market.

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