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LYCRA® brand presents its 2018 Bodywear & Swimwear Trend Forecasts

Dec 08, 2016

INVISTA, owner of the LYCRA® brand, has partnered with trend forecasting agency Stijlinstituut Amsterdam to predict the must-have bodywear and swimwear trends for 2018. As a global business connector with the most recognized synthetic fiber brand in the world, we are the right partner to help you transform a trend from a vision to a finished garment.

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INVISTA’s forecasted trends, which are built on a solid foundation of technical innovation, are recognised globally as a valuable source of design inspiration. Trend forecasting is a critical way the LYCRA® brand helps its customers—from mills to brands and retailers—to develop fabrics and garments consumers will want to buy. By constantly innovating new fiber and technology solutions to meet ever-changing consumer desires, INVISTA helps our business partners stay on top of the latest trends instead of following them. These insights create value in addition to generating new business opportunities across the value chain.

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INVISTA understands that women come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each with her own multifaceted personality that adapts to fit different environments. This versatility is reflected in the capsule collection, which offers women the flexibility to be the “me” she wants to be. Each look in the collection features cutting-edge technologies that add performance benefits consumers are looking for today.


OPTIMISED SELF is designed for the woman who want to be the best version of herself she can be. She works hard to maintain her body balance and her garments must be as functional as they are stylish. The rise of Athleisure is captured within this trend and the various technologies and fiber innovations speak to the consumer need for a range of benefits including comfort, cooling, enhanced fit, moisture management etc.
• Featured innovations: LYCRA® POWER technology, LYCRA® COOLING technology, LYCRA® FreshFX® technology and COOLMAX® technology.
• Colour palette:  fashionable sporty shades and cosmetic skin tones that are enhanced by high-energy accents.

FLAWLESS ME represents a woman who is increasingly focused on health, mindfulness, peace and tranquility. Lingerie can be seen as a luxurious base layer to her. 
• Featured innovations: LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology and LYCRA® BEAUTY brand. 
• Colour palette: pale shades match the softness and subtleness of this consumer.

MOST FEMININE ME celebrates the classic look of lace that adds femininity to bodywear. 
• Featured innovations:  LYCRA® fiber, LYCRA® XTRA FINE technology, and LYCRA® EASY SET technology
• Colour palette: subtle sunlight yellow with a golden hue, kimono green, vapour-grey, a deep, warm hazel, and a rose flower blush inspired by a trip through Asia.

THE REBEL IN ME embraces festival wear with a rebellious nod to fashion and music. Lingerie can be worn on the outside to show it off. 
• Featured innovations:  LYCRA® SHAPING and LYCRA® BLACK technology.
• Colour palette:  Black is the rebel’s essential base colour, which is paired with a collection of wild and daring contrasts and festive party shades. 


Women come in a variety of shapes and size and each woman must fill a multitude of ever-changing roles—even over the course of one day. These trends highlight how versatile LYCRA® fiber is uniquely qualified to create swimwear that helps her look and feel her best.  

MY WILD SIDE is a look that represents connecting with nature. Taking inspiration from the natural world, the designs and silhouettes reference rich textures and animal inspired prints.
• Featured innovations: LYCRA® fiber, LYCRA® SHAPING technology, and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber.
• Colour palette:  Arctic green, fresh opaline green, dolphin beige, beet red, stone blue.
• Prints and textures: animal skin and tribal prints; leather looks and camouflage glamour; suede-touch surfaces and latex looks.

BETTER ME features engineered illusions that redesign the female form. This look makes a strong statement by showing off curves with force and finesse. 
• Featured innovations: LYCRA® BLACK technology, LYCRA® SHAPING technology, and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ technology
• Colour palette: Black is perfect for illusionary shaping. Other colours include bright white, barely blue, steel grey and cayenne. 

PLAYFUL SELF – This look celebrates online customisation that allows consumers to invent personalised swimwear infused with personality and a sense of humour. 
• Featured innovations: LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ technology and LYCRA® BLACK technology.
• Colour palette: tomato red, spring green, buttercup yellow, deep purple and river blue. The primary colours are broken up with unexpected accents of pastels, acids as well as black and grey.
• Prints and textures: Fabrics are bold and plain with geometric patterns or collage-type blocking. 

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If you would like to learn more about these forecasted trends, or how LYCRA® fiber innovations can help you create, differentiate and showcase high value products that drive sales, contact us today.


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