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LYCRA® brand tells a Story of Movement

Shanghai, CHINA - Dec 16, 2016

The LYCRA® brand released its new campaign for 2016 in China – The difference that makes the difference – initiating the LYCRA ® brand mission to help people make their life a movement.
LYCRA® brand tells a Story of Movement

When LYCRA® fiber first introduced, it opened a new chapter in the fashion industry, breaking away from the rigid past and creating a stretch and recovery fabrics that fit a variety of consumer lifestyle demands. It is almost everywhere you can imagine yourself throughout the day: Strolling outside in a familiar pair of jeans, splashing around in a stylish swimsuit, and even in your most intimate apparel. It is this innovative elastic fiber that changed our lives for the better. It’s true that sometimes the smallest details can make the biggest difference. The difference that LYCRA® brand makes is to bring freedom, movement and confidence to the everyday life. A little bit of LYCRA® fiber can inspire ordinary people to achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

To inspire more consumers to experience the freedom and movement that LYCRA® brand provides, the brand established a new campaign site and produced a microfilm trilogy released on its own website and many other media platforms. The three microfilms feature everyday items from our lives such as hosiery, denim and underwear, and show us how different LYCRA® fiber can bring different lifestyle and confidence to our lives. Whether busting a move or dashing into a ride, LYCRA® brand offers the chance to explore new possibilities and release the potential. The trilogy is directed by a Cannes Film Festival award-winning director in a variety of forms. How would a pair of twins who have only invisible difference in their DNA finally make their life a movement? The microfilm trilogy captivates us with their stories.

LYCRA® Brand: A Story of Movement

The first film, The Untearable Pair, features hosiery and tells the story of twins with a common passion for fashion design and must grow and learn together for a demanding competition. LYCRA® fiber serves as the key in bringing them inspiration and confidence.

In the end, by pouring their passion and creativity into their work, they win the competition.

Only hosiery with LYCRA® FUSION™ anti-laddering technology can achieve that result without fear of spinning. The possibilities are endless; by cutting, mixing and matching, any style can be articulated. 3ZU, the well-known hosiery brand in China who adopted this technology, has produced a limited edition of 500 pairs inspired from the sister’s winning creation. 

The next installment, Make Your Move, features denim and is told through twin brothers. The elder twin is a pensive Chess player and the younger a gifted street dancer. When an accident left the younger brother unable to compete, the elder twin decided to put on his younger brother's favorite jeans and stand on the stage in his place.

The elder twin broke from his shell and won the competition with stunning dance performance. LYCRA® fiber gives the denim excellent stretch and recovery capabilities, enabling the jeans to fit in motion and confidently inspire the wearer to break free and explore their ultimate potential.

After watching the film, the inspired viewer can visit JACK & JONES stores nationwide to experience the denim outfits themselves. Go and start your life of movement.

The Difference That Makes the Difference

Now, the trailer of the final chapter The Present has also landed on the LYCRA® brand campaign site. On the site, the leading roles of the three micro-films meet at the crossroads unexpectedly, indicating that their life of movement can begin because of LYCRA® fiber. LYCRA® brand has also built a “micro-world” on its campaign site so that consumers can glimpse what benefit LYCRA® fiber brings to the garment. Interactive design and animation used to demonstrate the fiber-world allow the audience to better understand the science and technology that LYCRA® fiber utilizes.

Moreover, the campaign site is also a creative medium that connects online communication and offline promotion, which create a one-stop experience for consumers, and inspires them to start their own life of movement with LYCRA® brand. Visit the LYCRA® brand campaign site today to explore the micro-world and start your life of movement.

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