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BRUGNOLI® debuts its new modern Leisure Collection powered by LYCRA® fibre innovations

Mar 15, 2017

Introducing the Brugnoli® Modern Leisure Collection of fabrics for swimwear, lingerie, sports and ready-to-wear. Most concepts in the capsule collection are powered by different LYCRA® fibre innovations and offer performance benefits that consumers desire today.

METEO fabric with LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology, part of the Brugnoli® Modern Leisure Collection of fabrics
  • Brugnoli Fabrics drawing

  • Sassuolo Brugnoli Fabric made with LYCRA® fiber

  • BR4 EVO By Fulgar Brugnoli Fabric made with LYCRA® fiber

  • Fleece Brugnoli Fabric made with LYCRA® fiber

  • Atletico Brugnoli Fabric made with LYCRA® fiber

  • Meteo Brugnoli Fabric made with LYCRA® fiber

  • Atletico 21 Brugnoli Fabric made with LYCRA® fiber

Recently recognized as “Designer of the Year” at Interfilière Paris for its collection of swimwear fabrics featuring LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre, Brugnoli® is in the news again with the release of its new Modern Leisure capsule collection powered by LYCRA® fibre. As a leading fabric mill in Europe, Brugnoli® trusts LYCRA® fibre innovations and technology solutions to create many of its high-quality, award-winning fabrics.

The Modern Leisure Collection by Brugnoli®, which debuted at Interfilière Paris, is on trend and breaks down the barriers between the ready-to-wear and activewear segments to create a new hybrid style that is comfortable, casual and perfect for any occasion. Most of the outfits in the capsule collection feature fabrics made with a different LYCRA® fibre technology:

Focus on key highlights:

• METEO, one of the newest innovations by Brugnoli®, is based on LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology, which offers permanent moisture management. This provides the wearer with greater comfort in close-to-body applications like shapewear and sport bras. METEO acts like a wick moving moisture away from the body and sends it to the surface of the fabric to evaporate.

• Best seller EVER GREEN TOTAL COMFORT fabrics provide exceptional freedom of movement and muscle support without any constriction. A key fabric in this line is Explosive, a Brugnoli® signature product that features LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fibre and is eligible for LYCRA® SPORT technology certification. 

Other fabrics in the Modern Leisure Collection by Brugnoli® include NEW FLEECE developments such as Sassuolo, Polis or Atletico range - versatile fabrics that can be used for light - or heavy-duty applications-  and Br4®- bio-based fabrics (with 100% bio-based polyamide) providing outstanding comfort, unique performance, and intense respect for nature.

Watch this video featuring Massimiliano Denna, CEO of Brugnoli®, explaining why the decision to use LYCRA® fibre is an easy one.

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