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CALIK DENIM launches new Circular 100 fabric powered by LYCRA® dualFX® technology

Mar 27, 2017

In its quest to create a better alternative to traditional jeans leggings fabric, CALIK DENIM has developed new Circular 100 fabrics powered by LYCRA® dualFX® technology. Denim used in jeans leggings offers elasticity and flexibility for increased comfort, but these fabrics can still feel itchy against the skin. CALIK DENIM wanted to create denim with a softer hand inside and out to offer extra comfort to the wearer.

CALIK DENIM New Circular 100 fabric powered by LYCRA® dualFX® technology

The specific fabric construction of Circular 100 creates a unique silky and soft touch inside, and is suitable for athleisure besides jeans.

Create Garments That are a Dream to Wear

Jeans created with Circular 100 are lightweight, have a soft hand feel, and offer a “barely there” feeling when worn. The super stretchiness Circular 100 offers is due to its high elasticity in both weft and warp directions, which enables the wearer to move freely without limits. The fabric’s vertical elasticity also provides an amazing high waist fit.

Premium Denim Creates Premium Jeans

Versatile Circular 100 fabric enables designers to create jeans with a variety of looks that can be achieved by using different laundry treatments. Unlike conventional high elasticity denim fabrics, CALIK’s new bi-stretch fabric comes in wider width (around 120 cm), features low shrinkage (around 2%), presents less creasing thanks to its vertical elasticity, and shows no elastane slippage for a premium look.

Leverage LYCRA® Brand Equity

Jeans and athleisurewear made with Circular 100 are eligible for free LYCRA® brand hangtags that are designed to drive sales at point-of-purchase. LYCRA® fibre is the best-known stretch fibre in the world, and its logo is a symbol of quality and durability for consumers, so be sure to take advantage of this value-added benefit. To learn more about LYCRA® dualFX® technology, contact your INVISTA marketing representative.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.


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