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Enhance your activewear with LYCRA® SPORT powered by LYCRA® BLACK technology

Mar 15, 2017

The LYCRA Company introduced a next generation LYCRA® SPORT platform in August 2016 to critical acclaim by the trade. It combines the proven stretch technology of LYCRA® fiber with demanding testing standards that measure fabric performance descriptors on a simplified 1-10 scale of three indexes – Power, Comfort and Energy (PCE™).

Despite the many advances in activewear, studies* show there is still a gap between consumer expectations of garment performance and reality. Where others see a problem, LYCRA® brand sees a business opportunity. When you enhance your activewear with LYCRA® SPORT certified fabrics powered by LYCRA® BLACK technology, your business will be able to deliver the performance benefits consumers desire, but find lacking in today’s activewear.

The Problem
Consumer research has revealed that durability and grin-through are top activewear frustrations. Activewear is often worn in extreme conditions that can impact garment performance. External agents such as sweat, UV rays, lotions, and oils can degrade spandex yarn. This leads to a loss of recovery power and affects the durability of ordinary spandex, which leads to consumer dissatisfaction.

The Solution

Take your performance stretch activewear to the next level! LYCRA® BLACK technology can be used in conjunction with LYCRA® SPORT fabric standards to create an optimized fabric that delivers the power, comfort and grin-through consumers desire today. LYCRA ® SPORT technology delivers exceptional comfort, fit and support to stretch activewear, while LYCRA® BLACK technology virtually eliminates grin-through. In head-to-head tests at The LYCRA Company, after aging, unlike competitive products, the fabrics essentially retain their Power and Comfort index ratings.

Experience LYCRA® Fiber Quality
While following the care label, garment design and construction all impact garment performance, so does fiber quality. Why not start by using the best fiber ingredients available today? Contact your marketing manager to learn more about LYCRA® SPORT and PCE™ as well as LYCRA® fiber products solutions for activewear.

LYCRA® is a trademark of The LYCRA Company.

* Source: 2CV Qualitative Study, Men & Women, US/Germany, 2016


The LYCRA Company Andrea Nondorf Activewear & Outdoor - Strategy & Business Development Director