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Introducing a new standard in comfort for knee-highs and trouser socks

Mar 14, 2017

Whether you call them knee-highs or trouser socks, there’s one point all of the women in a recent study agreed upon: they were dissatisfied with the uncomfortable products being offered today. That’s why The LYCRA Company is introducing LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology. This new garment construction is designed to deliver the optimal range of force and compression, which enables knee-highs to stay up without digging into the skin. Best of all, trouser socks made with this technology provide better all-around comfort (regardless of foot and leg size) thanks to LYCRA® fibre.

Introducing a new standard in comfort for knee-highs and trouser socks

In a December 2016 study, 100 women from the U.S., Europe and China wear-tested concept garments made with LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU technology. Women of all sizes who wore the knee-highs rated them favorably for enhanced comfort, staying in place without digging in, and for not causing unsightly red marks on the calves. In fact, 90% of participants preferred the LYCRA® MADE TO FIT YOU concept over current offerings in the marketplace. In addition, 65% of non-knee-high wearers in the study were converted into future wearers.

If you would like to take your knee-highs and trouser socks to the next level and reach this consumer, contact your The LYCRA Company marketing representative for details.

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