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Meet Customer of the Month: Penn Textile Solutions

Mar 15, 2017

In 1959, a year after the invention of LYCRA® fibre, a new firm named Penn Elastic GmbH launched in Germany to develop and produce innovative elastomeric knitted textiles. Known today as Penn Textile Solutions (Penn), the firm is located in a 15,000 m2 state-of-the-art factory in Paderborn, Germany. An early adopter of LYCRA® fibre, Penn continues to produce fabric for intimate apparel that features the latest LYCRA® fibre innovations and technology solutions available today.

POWERLACE fabric_12813_Penn Textile Solutions
  • PENN-SPACER-FABRIC Article_65032 featuring LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology

  • NATURAL CHARME Article_23409 DREAMSHAPE series

  • NATURAL CHARME Article _21398 mesh fabric

  • NATURAL CHARME Article_12816

  • NATURAL CHARME Article_55199

  • NATURAL CHARME Article_12805

  • POWERLACE Article_12813

  • POWERLACE Article_12798

  • PENN gripper band Article_23269

Designing to Meet Consumer’s Needs

“We specialize in creating fabrics for lingerie and athleisure that offer cutting-edge innovations, discreet support, timeless elegance, and lasting performance, that’s why we prefer LYCRA® fibre,” explains Thomas Siemensmeyer, CEO of Penn Textile Solutions. “Now more than ever, consumers are demanding comfortable, easy care apparel with real performance benefits. We believe offering these benefits, and harnessing the power of LYCRA® brand equity through co-branding, are an important way to differentiate your products and drive sales.”

What’s New for 2018?

INVISTA launched its new athleisure platform featuring LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology last summer, and Penn was an enthusiastic early adopter. The brand even took part in the LYCRA® MOVES™ ATHLEISURE “My Iconic Bralette” collection. Now Penn is offering some of the first commercially available qualifying fabrics in its SS18 textile collection. Following are a few of the must-see innovations they’ve developed for this season:

  • If you create bras for intimate apparel or athleisure, Penn has created a super thin SPACER FABRIC (65032) featuring LYCRA® BEAUTY COOLING technology that you’ll want to know about. Designed primarily for use in bras, sport bras and bralettes, this innovation provides a permanent moisture management solution that works faster than typical nylon fibers used today.

  • Penn’s new award-winning* NATURAL CHARME series is a unique innovation that pairs LYCRA® BEAUTY technology with natural fibres (like cotton and micromodal) to create a product range offering enhanced comfort. The following four fabrics can be used individually, or can be combined to create exciting new designs and styles: 
    • 23409 is part of Penn’s DREAMSHAPE series that offers engineered edges and/or power zones, so no extra seaming is needed. The soft mesh fabric contains 16% LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre for light control and breathability.
    • 21398 is a mesh fabric made with 16% LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre.
    • 12816 is an exciting and unique innovation that’s part of the POWERLACE series. Offering bi-directional stretch, 12816 also utilizes a breathable, open construction technique for enhanced comfort. Made with 20% LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre, the fabric has a softer hand than standard lace due to the use of natural fibres.
    • 55199 has an engineered edge and a closed surface with a beautiful hemstitch design. Made with 25% LYCRA® fibre, it has a super soft touch and offers excellent control. 
  • 2-ZONE ATHLEISURE FABRIC is a especially designed for lingerie players who want to capture their share of this ever-growing segment. Penn expertly combines their DREAMSHAPE and POWERLACE fabrics to create 12805, a unique fabric that also belongs to the NATURAL CHARME series. It’s basically two fabrics in one to give designers the most flexibility possible when crossing over from a traditional lingerie-style floral design to a more modern, sporty look for athleisure. The fabric has 24% LYCRA® BEAUTY fibre and an engineered edge that smoothly turns into an open net structure.    

Penn Introduces Next Generation Lace and Gripper Bands

Penn has also increased its lace program to feature lace made with LYCRA® fibre for greater comfort and a softer hand than traditional poliamides. 12813 is a classic POWERLACE that offers stretch across the warp and the weft, as well as beautiful contrasts in its design. If you are looking for a super light (70gr) floral lace, 12798 is made with 25% LYCRA® fibre and drapes well over foamed cups, spacer fabrics, or molded bra cups.

Penn has also developed an innovative new gripper band that’s silicone free, breathable and makes panties, bike shorts and shapewear more comfortable. Designed to prevent fabric from rolling up or down, the new 23269 gripper band uses 46% LYCRA® fibre and 54% COOLMAX® fibre to create adhesion to the skin without causing the irritation that’s typical of traditional gripper bands. Thanks to its open structure construction, any moisture will evaporate to also keep the wearer cool, dry and comfortable longer.

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If you have questions about any of the products made by Penn Textile Solutions, please visit their website for more information.

If you would like to learn about LYCRA® fibre innovations, or are interested in having your business featured as a customer of the month, please contact your INVISTA marketing manager.

* Winner of the 2016 INTERFEEL AWARD at Interfilière Shanghai 

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.

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